Bride blown away by in-laws’ ‘selfish’ wedding day behavior: ‘Maybe they just didn’t care’

A bride is venting about her in-laws’ poor wedding etiquette.

She took to Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum for advice. Despite having a small wedding with few stipulations, the bride’s in-laws managed to ignore nearly all of them.

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“His parents disappointed us before and during the wedding,” she wrote. “First, they wanted us to fly out to them to get married. Both our families are out of state pretty much equally away. He told them no since it wouldn’t be fair for my family to travel and not them. For a while it was unclear if they were going to attend.”

“On the day of the ceremony, I asked for one simple rule: no phones. I hired my friend to take professional pictures. Everyone else could live in the moment. I was ticked off when I saw both his parents and sibling standing there with their phones out taking pics of me and my dad coming down the aisle. I asked for ONE thing, and they couldn’t listen.”

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Still, that wasn’t the only issue that parents created. They continued to disregard the bride and groom.

“After they arrived over half an hour late to our restaurant reservations (which were down the road 10 min),” she explained, “they had all changed into casual clothes. Again I was disappointed because, even though we were having a micro wedding, it was still a wedding! This was our reception, and they were not only late but now underdressed.”

“Later, I made clear that I wanted my now husband and I to be the first to post pictures. The professional ones when they were ready. And asked everyone to hold off on posting anything. His mom still asked to post pics to Facebook the next day. At least she listened when he told her no. I am still baffled as to how so much seemed to be lost in communication. Or maybe they just didn’t care?”

“They were so selfish! How hard is it to follow simple respects/etiquette,” a user commented.

“It sounds like they were being passive-aggressive,” another wrote.

“Those are some seriously entitled people! None of your requests were over the top,” a person said.

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