Bride bans coats at wedding during ‘sub zero temperatures’: ‘Thoughtless and inconsiderate’

A bridesmaid is desperate to wear a coat during a wedding that’s at “sub zero temperatures.”

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. The bride is getting married in rural north England. The temperature is set to drop to minus 4 degrees Celcius (24.8 degrees Fahrenheit) with a high of 1 degree Celcius (33.9 degrees Fahrenheit) on the wedding day.

“We’ve been told we are absolutely NOT allowed to wear coats throughout the whole day since it will ‘ruin the photos,’” the bridesmaid wrote.

The bridesmaids are all wearing open-toed sandals and thin, viscose dresses. The bride is allowing thermal leggings but has completely ruled out coats, and now the Reddit poster is “genuinely dreading” the wedding.

“I am quite thin and feel the cold horribly. I also am worried for my health!” she explained. “When I asked about alternative plans due to the super cold weather she just basically told us all the lump in.”

Redditors felt the bride was being unreasonable with her restrictions.

“Your friend is being ridiculous,” someone wrote.

“Friend is acting like a Bridezilla,” another said.

“Your friend is being thoughtless and inconsiderate,” a person added.

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