Bride and groom tell guests they are 'obligated to pay' for wedding dinner: 'I could never'

A wedding guest shared a couple of the bride and groom’s wedding requirements — and TikTok lost it.

Content creator @kellikeylimepie posted a peek at a wedding invitation she received. While she was careful not to reveal too many identifying details, she did share two rules that seemed to bug her. The bride and groom clearly expected their guests to pay to play at their wedding.

“We get it. You blew all your $$$ on a wedding…” the video text caption said.

She then read a message that was listed at the very bottom of the invitation.

“Please understand that you are obligated to pay for your own meal,” the note stated.

Another message said that while gifts are appreciated, “monetary gifts” are preferred.

The video received nearly 1 million views, and TikTokers were furious at the mere thought of any couple doing this.

“If you can’t afford to have a wedding & pay for your guests, then either don’t invite so many people or just have a wedding with immediate family,” a TikToker replied.

“Planning my wedding rn and I could NEVER send this. Embarrassing lol,” a user wrote.

“I was married at a courthouse. I’m not paying more for another person’s wedding than I paid for my own!” a person commented.

“Yeah no. I’m not going to a wedding, paying for food, and bringing a gift,” another said.

“With what they spent on those invitations with ye olde font they coulda got married and had a bbq for close friends and fam,” a person joked.

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