Bride accuses guest of ‘upstaging’ her at her own wedding: ‘She did it on purpose’

A bride believes her sister-in-law upstaged her at the wedding by simply being attractive. Now her husband is furious with her.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her sister-in-law Tiffany is conventionally attractive and wears stylish luxury clothing. At the wedding, Tiffany followed the dress code. The issue was that people kept remarking on how beautiful Tiffany looked, making the bride feel like she was playing second fiddle.

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“While my in-laws were congratulating me, my FIL commented that I looked beautiful, and in the next breath mentioned Tiffany did, too. His wife caught his eye and shook her head, but I ignored it. When Tiffany came over to say congratulations, she looked stunning,” the bride wrote.

“Her dress was beautiful and fitted her perfectly, her hair and makeup looked like they’d been done professionally, and she was wearing a pair of obviously designer shoes. Her outfit was totally appropriate for the event, but I was still weirdly upset by how she looked and immediately felt self-conscious next to her.”

But when the speeches came, the bride was almost in tears. Every “male guest” commented about Tiffany’s appearance and wanted to know if she was single. The best man even mentioned Tiffany in his speech. But the bride didn’t bring up the issue until a week after the honeymoon while visiting her in-laws, where Tiffany announced her engagement.

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“She showed us her comically large ring and said she was planning to have the wedding next year and that it would be a black tie event. Before I could stop myself, I jokingly said that I was pretty sure I’d already been to her wedding, I was the one in the white dress,” the Redditor explained.

“She asked what I meant, and I thought there was no point in lying so I just admitted I felt she upstaged me at my wedding. She laughed and said you can’t upstage a bride. I asked if I could wear white to her wedding then and she shrugged and said ‘if you think it’ll help.’ She then apologised if I felt her outfit was inappropriate.”

That was the end of their convo. But at home, the Reddit poster’s husband wasn’t happy. He even demanded she apologizes to his parents. But she doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

“My husband blew up on me, saying I embarrassed him by being petty and jealous of Tiffany. He said he doesn’t even like her but even he knows she can’t do anything about what she looks like or the clothes she can afford, and I made myself look bitter and childish, and him by association,” the bride wrote.

Redditors did not have much sympathy for the bride.

“You know what make Tiffany so attractive compared to you? Her confidence,” a person commented.

“Tiffany is even upstaging OP on her own Reddit post!” a user joked.

“I can understand that you’re upset by everybody talking about Tiffany at your wedding, it doesn’t appear she did it on purpose,” another said.

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