Brewers are using ChatGPT and other A.I. to develop new beer recipes

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Artificial intelligence chatbots have done homework for students and done due diligence for attorneys. Now they just want a cold beer.

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A growing number of breweries have enlisted chatbots to develop new beer recipes—and they should be on tap soon, if they’re not already.

Michigan’s Atwater Brewery, one of Detroit’s largest brewers, has rolled out Artificial Intelligence IPA, a 6.9% ABV offering that the brewer says was designed by robots.

"We asked an A.I. to create an IPA recipe for us, and it was able to create a recipe to the scale of our brew system, and created an A.I.-designed-human-brewed IPA," said Joe Platt, Atwater’s quality manager, in a statement.

The beer blends Centennial, Citra, and Amarillo hops, giving it a mix of tropical and citrus flavors. And beer drinkers seem to approve. The beer currently has a 3.73-star (out of five) ranking on Untappd, a popular beer ranking site.

A little north of Michigan, in St. Victoria, British Columbia, Whistle Buoy Brewing debuted Robo Beer earlier this month. The hazy pale ale’s recipe, like Artificial Intelligence IPA, was conceived by ChatGPT. It boasts a 3.88 rating on Untappd.

“We’ve been playing around with the A.I. chatbot to test its ability to write things like product descriptions for our website, social media captions, or dumb jokes about beer,” the brewery said. “We decided to take it a step further and asked it to write us a beer recipe for a hazy pale ale, and 10 seconds later, there it was, a full recipe that actually made sense. Minds blown, we decided to give the recipe a shot and the beer is tasting great!”

Whistle Buoy took things a step further, getting A.I. to design the beer’s artwork as well.

“Have we replaced ourselves with the robot overlords? It feels much too early to say,” the brewer added.

Other brewers that have experimented with A.I. brewing include New Orleans’ Deep Liquid, which rolled out a Blonde Ale last June; and Denver’s Banded Oak Brewing and Old 121 Brewing in Lakewood, Col., which collaborated with A.I. to create The Bots Made Me Do It. That beer includes turmeric and four other spices and will make its debut later this month.

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