Breaking News: The Royals’ Favorite Foods Are Surprisingly Relatable

The royal family, they’re just like us! OK, so maybe not the whole get-married-in-an-epic-castle part. (We’re looking at you, Lady Kitty Spencer.) But when it comes to their food preferences, there’s quite a lot of overlap. Here, a peek at the favorite foods they make sure to always have on hand in their cabinets. Or on speed dial for takeout.

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1. Kate Middleton: Indian Takeout

According to an interview with BBC Radio 1, she has an affinity for curry aka Indian cuisine, which is actually quite popular in London. (Lucky for her, William likes it, too, as long as it’s not spicy because, according to the interview, he’s “not so good with spicy food.”)

2. Princess Charlotte: Pasta

Yep, according to her mom, Prince George’s little sis is just like every other toddler in the world—she loves pasta anything.

3. Prince William: A Roast

When it comes to cooking, Wills admits it’s his signature dish. In a recent interview at a charity event, he revealed that he prefers chicken or steak, adding that he likes it “medium rare” and “quite alive.”

4. Prince George: Pizza

Especially if he gets to make the dough himself, his mom Kate spilled in an interview earlier this year. In fact, George is pretty partial to Italian overall—much like his sister Char, he supposedly likes pasta, too.

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5. Meghan Markle: French Fries

Lest we forget, before she was royalty, Meghan was a blogger—and self-proclaimed foodie, too. And while she spoke highly of a lot of food groups (pasta and sushi included), she told Best Health mag that French fries are her weakness. “I could eat them all day,” she said.

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6. Queen Elizabeth: Special K

Gin and Dubonnet cocktail aside, it turns out Queen Eliz is a breakfast person. Her cereal of choice? Special K with fruit, according to the queen’s former personal chef Darren McGrady.

7. Prince Harry: Caramel Banana Cake

In the dessert category, Prince Harry could never turn this recipe down, also according to McGrady, who was a personal chef to Princess Diana, too.

8. Prince Charles: mushroom risotto

According to McGrady, Prince Charles is a huge fan of self-harvested produce. Specifically, the royal loves eating risotto made with mushrooms from the grounds of Balmoral Castle. “He loves wild mushrooms and would take his chefs to Balmoral to show them where best mushrooms are,” McGrady said.

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