Breaking Barriers And Inspiring The World: Felipe Nunes' Progression Is Unreal (Watch)

Felipe Nunes is a true embodiment of resilience and determination in the skateboarding world. Born in Brazil, Nunes faced a life-altering challenge at a young age when he lost his legs. However, this setback didn't deter his passion for skateboarding. Not even the slightest.

He's proof that with determination and an unyielding passion, obstacles can be transformed into stepping stones to success. No excuses here. Back 180 switch front crook? Felipe literally rips.

His perseverance on the board has never been overlooked, which is why it's no surprise he caught the attention of the entire skateboarding community—including the likes of Tony Hawk, who turned Felipe pro for his brand, Birdhouse. Add Vans and Monster to the list and things start to add up pretty quickly.

Felipe's skateboarding journey is filled with remarkable achievements and groundbreaking feats—don't ever forget that he did the loop! But if you haven't seen his latest video part, watch it here. I don't even care if you leave right this second—you have to see it.

At the end of the day, his courage and skill redefine what's possible—on and off the board—and serve as a reminder that passion knows no limits. As an above elbow amputee myself, I can't even explain how stoked I am to see Felipe constantly progressing.

Keep charging!

Video / @felipenunesskate

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