Breakfast on the go is a breeze with the Mialoe Portable Blender

This powerful mini blender is perfect for juices and smoothies

Video Transcript


- Darlene.

- Hmm.

- We got a show to do.

- Just like one or two more hours, please.

- The cameras on. Let's go.

- Oh, fine. But I need a cup of coffee.

- I've got something better. No coffee. Let's do it.

- No coffee?


Hey everyone.

- And welcome to--

ALL: You Need This.

- I'm Melanie.

- I'm Darlene.

- And today, we are giving you the lowdown on all the products you need in your life like--

ALL: Yesterday.

- What are we talking about today?

- Girl, OK. Let me just start with the fact that I'm sorry I was late this morning. I was like running around. I needed my coffee, I didn't get my coffee. I was just stressed and now, I feel like starving and I am so hungry.

- So you didn't even have breakfast?

- No, I did not have breakfast.

- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

- That's true and I know we have this amazing product, the Mialoe Portable Blender so this is going to save the day for all of us who do not, you know, always eat breakfast.

- I know what you're thinking. You're looking at this baby and you're like, this is a blender? It looks like a water bottle.

- But that's where the intrigue lies everyone. This personal blender is under 20 bucks and is a game changer.

- Oh, yes.

- You can take this on the go just about anywhere. So it's four pieces that all connect. First piece, second piece, third piece, little one right here, and then this top piece. And then on the top, I think this is probably the most important feature-- Smiley faces. Cute!

- So cute.

- And this is something that is not only great for on the go, but you can charge it anywhere. You literally just need a USB cord right here and it'll hold a charge, which I think is amazing. So you take it to the beach for Margaritas.

- Margaritas.

- Guacamole.

- Yes, guac on the go.

- It's got six blades on the inside and they are strong.

- And guys, you're going to want to make sure for safety purposes that you line up these two little triangles. That's going to make sure that everything is intact, your fingers are safe.

- And not only that, but it is easy to clean. It's four pieces that it takes like 10 seconds to disassemble it and then you can wash it. You got these little cleansing brushes. It is so easy.

- Yes!

- And if for some reason you don't like the pink or the blue, there are four colors total so you have got options on options on options.

- OK, I feel like we have to try these babies out.

- Yes, we absolutely have to try them out.

ALL: Oh!

- So excited, guys.

- OK, we have strawberries, blueberries.

ALL: Bananas, almond milk.

- Are we ready? We're going to blend.

- All the blessings.

ALL: Ready, set, blend!

- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, wow!

- This is so powerful.

- This is powerful.

- I think I'm good. I'm good.

- Yeah, yeah. OK.

- You got to try this. I feel like Gordon Ramsay right now.


We are Gordon Ramsay.

- We're Gordon Ramsay.

- We could open up a smoothie shop.

- Combine together. Yes!

- All right, we have business plans to start drafting up so we will see you next time on In The Know-- You Need This.

- OK, ta-ta!

- Ta-ta!

- OK, I'm thinking margaritas with fruit together.

- Yes.