You can get the brand new MacBook Air M3 for $399. Yes, really

 MacBook Air M3 on deals template.
MacBook Air M3 on deals template.

Apple releases come thick and fast, so fast you might hesitate before upgrading every time. But if you've got a newish laptop to trade in, Best Buy has given you a very good reason to buy into the latest MacBook – eligible trade-in laptops will get you up to $1,299 off the M3 Air, bringing the cost down to just $399.

But what do you need to trade in to be eligible? Well, it's the M3 MacBook Pro that gets you the $1,200 off (so if you want something more portable than the most recent release, here's your chance). Then you'll get up to $900 off for an M2 MacBook Air, falling to $350 off for any other MacBook. Whichever model you have to sacrifice, you'll get a hefty discount not usually seen on current and recently released Apple products.

You'll also get another $50 reduced from the price if you're a BestBuy or Total member – see how to sign up for the Best Buy scheme here.

We've already tried out Apple's latest offering, and we think there's a lot to be excited about. It will no doubt make our list of the best laptops for graphic design due to its lightning fast performance, and trademark thin and light design.

MacBook Air M3: Get it for $399 with trade in at Best Buy
Save up to $1,200:
Shop for a new MacBook Air M3 at Best Buy and save with trade in. The highest trade in value goes to a MacBook Pro M3 ($1,200), with MacBook Air M2 saving you up to $900, and other MacBooks up to $350. Trading in your old model gives you way more of a discount than we'd ever see on new Apple products – so even the lowest reduction isn't to be overlooked here.View Deal

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