The brand behind Theragun just launched a face massager to treat wrinkles, headaches, jaw tension and more

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You’ve probably heard of the Theragun or maybe even seen athletes using it on the sidelines. The percussive massage device can speed up muscle recovery, so aches and pains go away faster. However, the brand behind it, Therabody, has a new massager, and this one is for your face.

The TheraFace PRO is an all-in-one device for treating acne, reducing wrinkles, helping with jaw tension and headaches, deep cleaning the skin and more. It combines percussive massage, microcurrent technology and LED therapy to give you a customized treatment based on your skin’s needs.

TheraFace PRO, $399

Credit: Therabody
Credit: Therabody

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Facial massage is nothing new. In fact, if you’ve ever had a facial, more than likely the aesthetician gave you one. However, its origins actually date back to ancient Chinese medicine and its purpose is to stimulate blood circulation in the face and drain the lymphatic system. With consistent use, skin care specialists say it can help your face form muscle memory and skin can appear tighter over time. Plus, like any massage, it feels pretty good.

But while the TheraFace PRO can give you a facial massage, it also combines two more technologies to kick up your skin care routine.

The microcurrent technology uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate your facial muscles, or in other words, give them a workout. The result is your facial muscles looking more defined. However, microcurrent facials can also increase collagen and ATP production. Therefore, many people consider microcurrent facials a more natural alternative to Botox; however, like facial massages, you have to be consistent and do it at least a few times a week.

The TheraFace PRO also offers three powerful LED light therapies — red, blue and infrared — to help clear skin. Red and infrared light is often revered for repairing skin and boosting new cell growth, while blue light is great for clearing acne and helping with sun damage.

Additionally, the TheraFace PRO also comes with a cleansing ring for deep cleaning, and there’s an option to add on hot and cold rings.

Credit: Therabody
Credit: Therabody

All in all, it sounds like a miracle tool, but of course, miracles don’t come with a cheap price tag. The TheraFace PRO costs $399. Although, it could be worth it if you use it consistently and see results.

Therabody conducted a study on 35 people, and after 12 weeks of using the TheraFace PRO, 94% reported that their skin looked healthier overall, 89% said their wrinkles decreased and 89% said that their skin was more rejuvenated, radiant and had a glow.

Like any skin care device, it’s probably not as great as getting a professional facial by an esthetician or your dermatologist. But, in the long run, it could help you maintain your healthy skin in between appointments and save you money because you won’t have to get a facial as often.

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