Brach's Pumpkin And Apple Pie Candy Corn Is Back This Year If You're Feeling Too Lazy To Bake

Alexis Morillo
·3 mins read
Photo credit: Instagram/frontpagefoodfinds
Photo credit: Instagram/frontpagefoodfinds

From Delish

You're probably already gearing up for all the cooking and baking you'll be doing come November, but Halloween is approaching even faster and there's still much candy to be had. Candy corn can be a controversial option, but Brach's makes so many flavors of the traditional candy that you might just change your mind. If the turkey dinner or blackberry cobbler aren't really your thing, perhaps the apple pie and pumpkin pie combo bag will be.

The candies come in the same triangular shape of candy corn with the pumpkin pie having a similar color way as a classic candy corn and the apple pie coming in a light brown. @Frontpagefoodfinds on Instagram tried the sweets out for themselves and gave them a glowing review, with their personal favorite being the pumpkin pie flavor.

"I have to say Brach’s really captured the apple and pumpkin flavor in candy corn form. I’m not even a big apple pie or pumpkin pie fan and I thought these were pretty darn good," they wrote on Instagram: "I did favor the pumpkin pie flavored candy corn more, so those vanished out of the bag first and pretty fast. Brach’s Pie Favorites are a fun seasonal twist on a classic seasonal candy."

@Frontpagefoodfinds picked up the combo bag at Dollar Tree, but Brach's products can also be found at Walmart, Party City, CVS, and online through Amazon. Adding it to your cart is way easier than making a full pie from scratch, so if you want a quick fix to that fall craving, you know what to do.

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