The $80,000 hotel room in Geneva, Switzerland

Hotel suites can be expensive. And we all splurge a little on extra luxuries while on vacation. But even our wildest fantasies probably can’t imagine spending a yearly income on just one night at a hotel – no matter how nice. There’s luxury, and then there’s luxury, beyond us mere mortals.

With 12 rooms (and, naturally, 12 bathrooms as well), the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is believed to be the most expensive hotel suite in the world at about 75,000 Swiss francs – or $80,000 – a night. Just blocks from the United Nations building, on Lake Geneva, the suite reportedly has housed heads of state and celebrities like Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Richard Branson and Bill Gates – not that a hotel of that caliber would confirm those names.

What are the stars getting for their money?

The suite, which is 18,000 square feet and takes up the entire eighth floor, houses four bedrooms, multiple living rooms, a library and a dining room that seats 26 people. Don’t worry about feeding all those people – a private chef and butler are at your disposal.

Inside the suite you’ll find a billiards room, a Jacuzzi, a Steinway grand piano, and one of the very few 103-inch Bang & Olufsen flatscreen TVs (with surround sound installation) – a nice viewing experience that would cost $130,000 if you bought the TV yourself.

While the hotel has meeting rooms and fitness centers for all its guests, you certainly aren’t paying $80,000 a night to mingle with the masses. Host meetings in your own private “royal boardroom”; exercise in your private fitness center; and rush out to your waiting limo – avoiding throngs of paparazzi – via your own private elevator. Or lounge on your own private 1,680 square foot terrace, which includes a telescope in case the panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc aren’t enough to look at.

The entire floor is decorated with hand-picked art on all the walls and the highest of high-end appliances.

Of course, with the kind of money that can pay for the Royal Penthouse suite, comes a worry about people taking that money. The suite comes with its own security team and extensive security system. The place is equipped with bullet-proof windows, armored doors and a human-sized safe. The entrance is guarded by surveillance cameras and magnetic sensors that can detect an intrusion. The two main bedrooms also have panic buttons in case of an unwelcome visitor.

The Hotel President Wilson was built in 1962 and named after Woodrow Wilson for his efforts in promoting the League of Nations – the precursor to the U.N. What better way to honor Wilson’s dream of unity than building an opulent hotel suite that few can afford. The hotel advertises the Royal Penthouses as being “known throughout the world as the largest and most luxurious of hotel suites.”

Reservations can not be made online, naturally. And, specific prices are only doled out upon contacting the hotel. If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.