The Boys Season 4 First Details Revealed

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The Boys season 4 is coming, and Homelander will be more powerful than ever. That’s the image portrayed in these two new character posters revealed by the official Twitter account of The Boys, which you can see below.

In one, we see fearsome superhero Homelander (Antony Starr) celebrating in a stadium amidst a cloud of multi-coloured ticker-tape, clearly fresh off some big victory. In the other, a dejected Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) stares down at some balloons, and he is looking more glum than usual.

Along with the images, The Boys’ Twitter account also posted some key bits of info about the upcoming season, breaking it down into helpful bullet points. “While ya wait for 2024,” reads the post, “here’s what we can say about Season 4 so far…”

<p>Amazon Prime Video</p>

Amazon Prime Video

  • Timeline wise, The Boys season 4 will takes place about a month after the events of Gen V, the Amazon Prime Video spinoff series taking place at a superhero university.

  • Butcher knows about the virus. “Do with that lil piece of intel what ya will,” reads the Twitter post.

  • Homelander will stand trial for lasering a Starlighter’s head off. Vought will be fighting his corner, however, and even made a hashtag for him in #HomeFree.

Let’s just hope they don’t interweave the shows too closely and require us to watch both in order to fully understand the plot. That said, it would be the perfect way to critique something Marvel has been under fire for.