Boxer Ryan Garcia to Wear Custom Emporio Armani for Upcoming Fight

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Boxer Ryan Garcia has made a name for himself both in the sports and fashion worlds, thanks in part to the athlete’s highly watched style in the ring and beyond.

The 25-year-old boxer is making his latest fashion statement during his match on Saturday against Devin Haney at the Barclays Center where he will be wearing a custom look by Emporio Armani.

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Garcia’s custom Emporio Armani look is in a pale blue and white color palette and includes boxer shorts emblazoned with the boxer’s moniker, “King Ryan,” and a matching robe that reads “Heart of Fire” on the back. The look is finished with a custom-made gold crown by designer The Ice Champ, who utilized more than 15,000 diamonds and roughly 30 blue topaz stones to embellish the headpiece. The crown’s interior is designed with a plush blue velvet lining inscribed with Garcia’s name.

Ryan Garcia's custom Armani look
Ryan Garcia’s custom Armani look.

“I basically told them the colors and what I envisioned in it, which was a lot of diamonds and basically looking pure with a pinch of blue in it,” Garcia said. “I could have [gone] deeper, but I kind of like to let these brands do what they want to do mostly. But if I have input, then I’ll come in and be like, ‘That’s not it.’”

This is Garcia’s latest match where he’s sported a custom look from a luxury label. The boxer has previously worn custom looks from Dior, Amiri and Dolce & Gabbana.

“I take pride in my style and see it as another way of expressing myself,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most prominent designers in the world — something you don’t often see in the sport of boxing. I like to push boundaries of what’s typically expected of fighters and bring something new and dynamic to the table.”

Ryan Garcia's custom crown
Ryan Garcia’s custom crown.

Garcia explained this most recent look reflects his “timeless” style and his inspiration of purity.  

“For this particular fight, I wanted to create a look that represents my purity of heart and love of God, and Armani did an incredible job of bringing my vision to life,” he said. “The crown is also one of my favorite elements of the fit and has become a staple part of my King Ryan brand.”

During his boxing career, Garcia has become known for his standout style and has brought in a growing interest from the fashion world into a sport not typically looked at for sartorial moments.

His hope is that his style will continue to resonate with fans and bring more attention to boxing as he plans to continue working with design houses for his match looks.

“I just don’t miss — that’s my style,” Garcia said. “I could wear anything. My fashion game is just up there with the greats. I think I’m the most fashionable boxer in the world right now and I think I’m the most marketable fighter in the world right now.”

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