The Bourbon Brand That Pairs Perfectly With Milk Chocolate Treats

Chocolate and bourbon
Chocolate and bourbon - Vdovychenko Yurii/Getty Images

It doesn't have to be a holiday or special occasion to enjoy chocolate and bourbon together. Spike chocolate cookies with bourbon for a richer taste and dip them in your morning coffee. Or at your next book club meeting, make things interesting and booze up your chocolate fondue with a splash of this alcohol. Creamy chocolate and warm, bourbon with its sweet vanilla and caramel notes are a pair destined for relationship bliss. These two indulgences were simply meant to be. But if you are looking for the best bourbon and chocolate pairing, when it comes to milk chocolate and shipping it with this dark spirit, there is one brand of bourbon that stands out above the others and that's Bulleit Bourbon.

While milk chocolate and Bulleit Bourbon have distinct taste profiles, their differences make them great companions. When you enjoy the two together, you will be able to pick up on the subtle flavors that are layered within each. Bulleit Bourbon has a warm and comforting spiciness thanks to notes of clove, nutmeg, oak, and cinnamon. This, coupled with its mellow and creamy nature, makes it smooth on the tongue and a great complement to milk chocolate's sugary nature. Together, the taste of vanilla and cocoa take center stage while the creamy, thick feel it creates in your mouth is quite satisfying. In turn, the milk chocolate allows Bulleit Bourbon's personality to shine through.

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A Magical Relationship

Bottle of Bulleit Bourbon
Bottle of Bulleit Bourbon - Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Distilled from pure Kentucky limestone-filtered water and described on its website as spicy and oaky with a "satiny" finish and "toffee flavor," Bulleit Bourbon's full strength is tempered by the sweetness of this confection, dulling its sharpness while underscoring notes that would otherwise go unnoticed. This magic is the true superpower bourbon and chocolate share when they are paired together.

If you are a lover of this combo but not certain what chocolate makes sense, look no further than the candy aisle at the grocery store. A Hershey bar with or without almonds is perfect if you are hosting a movie night and want to break out a bottle to share with friends. However, if you want a milk chocolate that is a little more sophisticated, match Bulleit Bourbon with milk chocolate truffles to wrap up a romantic dinner. You can also add this booze to your next double chocolate derby pie or Kentucky bourbon balls.

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