I Bought These 16 Pieces to Turn My Tiny Apartment Into a Comfy Bachelorette Pad

When San Francisco announced a mandatory sheltering in place order due to the pandemic, I knew my apartment would need an overhaul. If I'm going to spend all my time inside my home, it needs to be a place I truly enjoy being morning till night. My stiff sofa and years-old curtains just weren't giving me good vibes anymore, so I decided to commit to completely redecorating my living room since it's my main command center. I work from home, watch TV, read, and do virtual workout classes all in that particular space.

I made my new sectional sofa the focal point and worked from there with new curtains, artwork, pillows, plants, and lots more. My sister and I live in the apartment and love a good pop of pink, so we leaned into that notion with fun accents that express our personality. It is a bachelorette pad, after all. The finished product makes me smile every time I walk into the room. I'm so comfortable there and the jewel-tone colors make me happy.

Ahead, I curated a shopping guide to everything I bought - hopefully it will inspire you to give your home a little makeover as well.

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