We Need to Get to the Bottom of These Damian Powers-Francesca Farago Rumors

Adrianna Freedman
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Photo credit: Getty Images/Netflix
Photo credit: Getty Images/Netflix

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  • Fans suspect Damian Powers from Love Is Blind and Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle are dating, after a photo emerged of them walking arm in arm.

  • The last we heard, Damian was still dating his Love Is Blind costar Giannina Gibelli—so what's going on here?

  • Here's what we know about Damian and Francesca.

Did Netflix's most popular dating shows just combine to create a brand-new romance?

Damian Powers from Love Is Blind and Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle were recently seen out together on Tuesday night, according to Us Weekly. In a photo snapped of the pair—see below—Damian and Francesca can be see walking arm in arm while crossing the street, leaving viewers of both reality TV shows wondering if the two of them are more than just friends or network colleagues.

Here's the photos that sparked questions about whether or not Damian and Francesca are dating. What do you think? (Recall that last we heard, Damian was still with Love Is Blind costar Giannina Gibelli. Francesca found love with Too Hot to Handle's Harry Jowsey, but it didn't last.)

Photo credit: MEGA
Photo credit: MEGA

So what's the deal? Are Damian and Francesca dating?

While the twosome seemed to be having a casual dinner with some friends (and making sure to protect themselves from COVID-19 with masks), unfortunately we're going to have to say sorry, folks. It doesn’t look like Damian and Francesca are anything more than just good friends, as Powers seem to be still dating long-time love Gibelli, whom he met while filming the hit Netflix series and took a selfie for her Instagram account as recently as late July.

If Netflix viewers remember, both Powers and Farago experienced roller-coaster love stories on their respective reality dating show. Powers initially got engaged to Gibelli on Love Is Blind, then both breaking off the engagement after a bit of cold feet on both parts. They eventually got back together after the season finale, but are not rushing to get married any time soon.

As Gibelli told Insider back in May about the status of their relationship, “We’ve definitely learned how to be more accepting with each other and understanding. We also laugh about things that we never thought in a million years we’d joke about.”

Farago, on the other hand, got engaged after co-star Harry Jowsey proposed to her on THTH’s reunion episode (with a Ring Pop no less!). While they said at the time they found a “super, super rare” connection at the time of filming, the couple eventually fizzled out and broke up back in June, which she announced on her Youtube channel.

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