Bottle service waitress reveals how much she makes in tips during shift: ‘You just made six months of my rent’

 (TikTok / @ninaanngelina)
(TikTok / @ninaanngelina)

A bottle service waitress has gone viral on TikTok for sharing just how much money she makes in tips in a single day.

Nina, who goes by the username @ninaanngelina on TikTok, took her followers along as she documented her shift at a club in Scottsdale, Arizona. The waitress frequently posts about her job, captioning her videos as “bottle girl vlogs”. In one video that now has more than 6m views, Nina posted the jaw-dropping amount of money she made from just one check.

The shift started at 10am when Nina and her coworker began filling plastic cups of beer to the brim. At the poolside cabana, Nina was assigned to only two tables in the section. However, as she showed in the video, that didn’t stop her from earning a $1,800 tip on one tab and a $3,000 tip on another.

“My day as a #bottlegirl in #scottsdale week two,” she captioned the video.

While it’s unclear how much of the tips Nina was able to keep for herself, the internet was still blown away by the shocking amount.

“I’m in the wrong profession,” commented one shocked TikToker.

“I’m sorry did I just go through nursing school…JUST TO SEE I COULD BE DOING THIS,” commented another TikTok user.

One person shared: “You just made six months of my rent.”

Many viewers also asked Nina how she landed the job of bottle service waitress, and wondered if they could submit an application. Nina answered their questions in a follow-up video.

She explained that she landed her position at Maya DayClub in Scottsdale after she was referred by a current employee. Nina suggested that employee recommendation was the best way to obtain a job as a bottle service waitress, considering it’s a “highly sought after” position.

“But if you don’t know someone in the industry already, I would suggest printing out your resume and dressing nice and going in person so they can see you in the week, not on a busy weekend,” she advised. “Maybe even timing it right before a big holiday weekend when they might need to hire more people.”

Last April, a Hooters waitress from Florida went viral on TikTok after she showed how much money she makes in tips from one shift. In the video, which gained more than 10m views, she counted up a total of $382 earned throughout her 12 pm to 8pm shift at Hooters.