Boston Hero Saves Trapped Mother and Two Kids by Placing Old Mattress Next to Burning Home

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According to the National Fire Protection Agency over 26 percent of reported fires in 2015-2019 occurred in homes averaging out to 346,800 home structure fires per year and 2,620 civilian deaths as a result. As a bystander, it can be extremely frustrating to witness a house fire. Short of calling the fire department or risking your life and running inside of the burning structure, there is little you can do. However, one quick-thinking man saved his neighbors' lives when he came up with a clever plan to help them evacuate their burning home. 


One Neighbor Heard Shouting and Saw a Mother and Her Kids in the Window

Dieula Lumac, 40, told the Boston Globe that she was getting ready to leave for her late-night shift at work when she heard children yelling. "At first, I thought they were fighting," she said. However, once she walked outside of her door she saw the neighbor's children and their mother were trapped inside the burning home on the second floor, yelling for help. "I was shaking," she said. Keep reading to see the video.


Another Neighbor Remembered He Had an Old Mattress

Another neighbor, Clidfod Saintjen, a 42-year-old Uber driver, was also outside. Coincidentally, he had recently placed a mattress against the fence of his home and placed it underneath the window where the mother and her kids were. 


At First the Family Was Hesitant to Jump

At first, they were hesitant. "I tell them 'Don't be scared. The fire, the fire will hurt you guys,'" he said. However, the 5-year-old jumped first and landed in his arms. "It was a big sigh [of relief]," he said. The teenage boy and mother then jumped onto the mattress. 


"I Don't Feel Like a Hero," He Says

While Sainjen recognizes that he saved his neighbor's lives, he doesn't think his actions were heroic. "When that happens everyone is supposed to get scared, but when you see fire, people in the fire, you know what the fire means [for them]," he said. "I saved a life, but I don't feel like a hero."


The Boston Fire Department Praised Him

Boston Fire Department spokesperson Brian Alkins praised the quick-thinking neighbor to WCVB, noting that placing the mattress underneath the window was a great idea. "Neighbors helping neighbors makes our job a lot easier," he said.