Border Collie Mix Celebrates Dinner Time with the Cutest Little Dance

Like the rainbow after a storm, one woman's relationship with her new Border Collie mix puppy after losing her "soul dog" is too sweet. The two have quickly bonded with each other — they even have a routine. That includes an adorable mealtime song they sing together. Which of course the dog dances to, as can be seen in a new video online.

The woman's daughter, Megan-Rose of Vancouver Island, Canada, recently shared a heartwarming video of her mom and their new dog Agatha doing their thing.

As Megan-Rose explained in the video's onscreen caption, her mom lost her 15-year-old "soul dog" recently. After its death she adopted Agatha, who is technically a "Border Collie, Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix," Megan-Rose wrote.

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The clip shows one of their nightly routines — dinner. But what really surprised Megan-Rose was how quickly her mom and 13-week-old Agatha came up with a song to celebrate the nightly meal.

"It's din dins time, yes it's din dins time. Oh it's din dins time yes it is!" her mom sang in the clip while Agatha hopped along. She even landed at her spot as soon as her mom finished singing. These two have things down pat.

"The pup sits on that last note every single time," Megan-Rose wrote.

People were smitten in the comments section. "Try explaining this to a dog sitter," joked one person. "I like how she waits for the song to get excited," another commenter pointed out. "Boarder Collies are SO very smart. Look at the look on her face. She's so happy she has a puppy!" a third person praised.

Training Your Puppy to Wait for Food

Agatha certainly is one smart cookie. It's not easy to train your dog to wait for mealtimes. But it is possible even if your dog isn't part Border Collie.

Ask your dog to lie down or sit before you lower their dog bowl to the ground. If they try and get up before you reach the floor, take the bowl away and put it behind your back. Then give your dog the command to lie on the floor again, this time lowering all the way down if they do as they're told.

Training your dog for meals not only helps you — it's not really fun to have a dog jumping all over you while you're getting their food ready, is it? — but it also helps teach them emotional self-control. That's a powerful skill that will help your dog with a variety of other tasks and commands. So make the effort to get mealtimes right. You'll thank yourself later.

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