Bookstore owner goes viral after tweeting about being a Black business owner

A Virginia bookstore owner saw her

popularity grow on Twitter after she tweeted

about being a Black business owner.

On June 2, Deshanta Hairston, of Martinsville, shared

a moving post about the challenges of many Black

business owners on the social media platform.

“Can you imagine, I refrained from putting

[Black] owned in my bio for years in fear of losing

out on potential white customers”.

“Well I am indeed [Black] and this is my

store and I will be screaming it from

the mountain tops moving forward”.

The tweet immediately went viral, receiving over

300,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments.

“Bravo!” one fellow Twitter user wrote in response.

“Own it. Any white person who won’t patronize your

biz because you’re [Black] doesn’t deserve the

honor of shopping with your store”.

In an interview with WSLS, Hairston revealed

that she initially had reservations about

sharing her tweet because she didn’t

want to lose any customers.

Amid widespread protests against police brutality

and systemic racism toward the Black community,

however, she felt compelled to let her followers

know what it meant to be a Black business owner.

"if more Black people could speak on their

experience and just get the conversation

started ... it gives people a better understanding

of why we feel the way that we do”.

Since her tweet, Hairston said she

has seen her Twitter follower count

grow from 150 to over 30,000

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