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Every parent needs that clutch toy, that perfect product that keeps kids entertained for hours. And when it comes to keeping kids busy, there’s truly nothing better than sticker books. Not only do the best sticker books for kids engage them creatively, but children also hone their motor skills as they pick their favorites, peel them off, and decorate surfaces. The best sticker books are those that tell a story or immerse your child in a different world, whether that involves roaming the jungle with wild animals, or swimming in the depths of the ocean with sharks and dolphins.

One piece of advice: Stickers are, well, sticky. So you want sticker books that guide kids on where to place them, or reusable sticker pads. Otherwise, get ready to spend hours scraping sharks and princesses and minnows and elephants off walls, tiles, floors, you name it.

The Best Sticker Books for Toddlers

First 100 Stickers: Words by Roger Priddy

This book boosts literacy and object recognition by introducing toddlers to 100 words, via stickers. Kids look for and match stickers to the right spaces on each page, be it a farm animal or a toy.

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First 100 Stickers: Animals: by Roger Priddy

For the toddler animal lover: Kids match 500 stickers with the corresponding pets, farm animals, and undersea creatures.

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Tales from Acorn Wood Sticker Book by Julia Donaldson

This sticker book tells the story of Fox, Rabbit, and Bear as they bring readers along with them on their oddball adventures. Kids use the stickers to help Fox find his missing socks, join Bear in sending letters to his friends, and play hide-and-seek with Pig and her friends.

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Sticker Smart Art: Colors and Shapes by PBS Kids

Toddlers learn about shapes and colors through stickers.

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Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad by Melissa & Doug

Toddlers play house on this reusable sticker pad, placing objects in rooms and thus learning to identify specific items and shapes.

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I Spy Learn and Go by Jonathan Litton

Kids can find hidden objects in the busy scenes, with more than 100 reusable stickers from the beach and market and beyond.

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The Best Sticker Books for Preschoolers

Sticker Activity Animals by Roger Priddy

This photo sticker book includes more than 100 photos of animals. In addition to stickers, the book also includes coloring pages and entertaining prompts to help preschoolers learn more about the animal kingdom, so it's somewhat more complex then the offering above for toddlers.

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Play Again! Reusable Sticker Scenes: Space Critters by Ooly

Zoom into space with this reusable sticker book, which is loaded with more than 60 galactic stickers.

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Paint by Sticker Kids: Dinosaurs

You've got a budding paleontologist on your hands, you say? Kids place stickers in the right spots to create sticker paintings, showcasing specific creatures.

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Paint by Sticker Kids: Unicorns & Magic

Ah, for the unicorn enthusiast in your life: Kids create their own masterpieces as they choose stickers, peel them off, and place them exactly where they want.

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I Can Do That! Stickers: An At-home Super Simple (and Smart!) Sticker Activities Workbook

Yes, workbooks can be fun, as this one proves. Kids solve mazes, play matching and counting games, and decorate pages. All while honing their fine motor skills.

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Hidden Pictures Sticker Fun - 4 Book Set

With 120 stickers in each book, kids can place stickers on hidden objects as they find them. The artistic black-and-white illustrations show lively activities like snowball fights, sand castles, and family car washes.

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The Best Sticker Books for Kids Ages 5-9

Super Space Sticker Activity Book by National Geographic Kids

Budding astronauts explore outer space via stickers. They learn about Earth, awesome asteroids, weird aliens, comets, and a ton of other stuff. The book is full of puzzles, mazes, and drawing activities. And more than 1,000 stickers.

Buy Now $6.99

Let's Explore... Jungle

Full of weird but cool facts, this jungle-themed sticker book is perfect for any kid who's into Mother Nature. Which is all kids. Kids explore the world's tropical forests by helping explorers prepare for their voyage, color exotic birds with bright feathers, and direct themselves through the Amazon maze, one sticker at a time

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Reusable Sticker Pad: Vehicles by Melissa & Doug

This reusable sticker pad is perfect for kids who can't get enough of boats, trains, and planes. They create busy construction sites, airports, train tracks, and farmers markets.

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Reusable Sticker Pad by Melissa & Doug

These reusable stickers are the perfect activity for kids wanting to teleport anywhere from prehistoric ponds with dinosaurs to the depths of the ocean alongside sharks. The pack comes with 150 easy-to-peel vinyl stickers that can be lifted off and repositioned anywhere.

BUY NOW $5.99

The Best Sticker Books for Kids 8-12

So. Many. Stickers.: 2,500 Little Stickers for Your Big Life by Pipsticks+Workman

For the ultimate sticker fanatic: This book features 50 pages with 50 stickers per page = 2,500 stunning stickers for any moment or event.

Buy Now $10.01

So. Many. Feelings Stickers.: 2,700 Stickers for Every Mood by Pipsticks+Workman

Another standout: This book uses stickers to convey feelings. Think of them as emoji on paper.

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Wooden Robot Craft Sticker Kit by Kid Made Modern

While not technically a book, this is every bit as cool. Kids get seriously creative by decorating three wood robots with all manner of stickers.

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Rainbow Stickers & Sketch Book by Meri Meri

This gorgeous 32-page sketch book has six sticker pages, so kids can get really and truly creative. Over and over again.

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Animetrics: A Striking Color-By-Sticker Challenge by Jack Clucas

Be it an elephant or a giraffe, artists get 12 animal portraits to complete using geometric sticker shapes.

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Atlas of The World Sticker Book

While placing stickers across the globe, your kid will learn fun factoids, like where in the world you can stay in a hotel entirely made of ice. Seriously.

BUY NOW $5.19

Peel + Discover: Space

Buy Now $9.78

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