New Book Release Chronicles the Lives of Post-Grads in the Hamptons

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CommPRO Celebrates Author Wil Glavin

Southamption, NY, July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author Wil Glavin, known for his debut novel, The Venerable Vincent Beattie and exclusive in The New York Post, is releasing his second novel, Silhouettes South of 27 today. This beach read is an original story about four twenty-somethings spending a summer in the Hamptons, and it highlights topics such as mental health issues, relationship toxicity, sexuality, and materialism.

Like Wil Glavin’s debut novel, The Venerable Vincent Beattie, which focused on the dark side of teen life and the impact of smartphones and social media on millennial and zoomer dating, Silhouettes South of 27 delves into these topics along with a heavy emphasis on fashion, pop culture, and music.

At its core, the novel is a character study centered around truth. Using first-person narrative, four protagonists tell their version of the summer of 2018. But who will you believe?

Wil graduated Tufts University in 2016, and worked at Sony Pictures, ICM Partners and Marvel Entertainment. He used his free time during the pandemic to pen his novels, which are available in print or e-book versions on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere else books are sold.

To learn more about Wil Glavin and his book, visit his website or follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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