A Bollywood Action Hero Shared the Workout and Diet That Got Him Shredded

Philip Ellis
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Photo credit: Arifin Shuvoo
Photo credit: Arifin Shuvoo

From Men's Health

While preparing to shoot his action new movie Mission Extreme, Bollywood star Arifin Shuvoo decided to make the most of the opportunity, and get into the absolute best shape possible. At the start of his journey, he weighed 95 kgs (107 pounds), having intentionally gained weight for his previous film, Ahaa Re. "To lose that and transform the body in only nine months seemed impossible," he says in a new YouTube video.

He immediately made changes to his diet, and started doing high-intensity cardio, including running and rowing, to begin the process of burning fat. "I had very low stamina in the beginning as I had never endured such hectic training," he says.

Photo credit: Men's Health
Photo credit: Men's Health

As the workouts progressed, Shuvoo introduced weight training into his routine. "I thought I would never be able to lift that much weight," he says. "After some time, I realized I could actually lift heavier weights."

However, he recalls that just as he was beginning to see some physical results and feel more confident in his training, he got injured: heavy lifting had led to repetitive tissue damage, causing extremely painful swelling in his knees and ankles. "I was apparently putting pressure on already damaged tissue cells," he says. He was forced to suspend his workouts for four months while he recovered: "Training was strictly forbidden, because I could not even stand up."

Having previously been advised by doctors against taking action roles following an earlier injury, Shuvoo became depressed—but he still wanted to see this journey through. "I didn't want to give up without trying, I had to at least try. I was determined," he says. "I decided to start training again. This time, we decided to stop legs and lower body exercises, and start with the upper body... I couldn't give up midway, I wanted to push a bit more."

Nine months after beginning his transformation, Shuvoo was ready for his new role: he weighed 82 kgs (180 pounds), having lost his belly fat and replaced it with ripped six-pack abs, in addition to building muscle in his chest, shoulders, back and arms.

"Anything is possible in this world, if you want," he says. "If we want something from the heart, and work for that, never giving up on our goal, anything is possible."

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