Bold Fantasy Predictions for 2021

The FFL crew expains which players could ball out in 2021.

Video Transcript

- Matt, why don't you lead us off here?

- Yeah, he's making his injury return today, and he might not be someone that you're playing in week 16. Because it's just too risky, but I'll tell you what. You're going to be wanting to be playing Antonio Gibson everywhere next year.

I think this guy is going to be a top three running back in fantasy football next year. Let's just think about it. This guy balled out this year, scored a ton of touchdowns, and he's like just getting his feet wet, just growing into his paws as a true running back. And that was actually the most impressive part of his game this year was his just straight up aggressive downhill running.

Meanwhile, we know he can only get better as a pass catcher, because that is where he kind of first grew up as a collegiate player was a wide receiver. Like there's still so much goodness to be mined from him. I wouldn't be surprised, if, next year, he turns in a David Johnson Arizona Cardinals 2016 type of season, if this Washington offense can just get a little more stable around him. Like there's room for this player to grow, and then there's so much room for the offense to grow. I think all arrows are clearly pointing up on Antonio Gibson.

- Andy, who's pointing up for you?

- Yeah, I'll stick in the same division and mention Dak Prescott, assuming he's back in Dallas. I know it feels like a million years ago that Dak Prescott was dominant, but his September and October were incredible. He opened the season by averaging 422.5 passing yards in his first four games. That is utterly ridiculous. Then he suffered the ankle injury. Everybody remembers it.

He's going to be fine. He should be good to go for 2021. He was on a pace that was absolutely historic. He was on a pace to just absolutely shatter the single season passing yardage record. It was almost going to be hard for him to not get there from where he began. I think he finishes next season, again, assuming good health here. Maybe I'm just wishing for it, but I think Dak Prescott has a shot to be the overall QB1 next season.

- Oh, from your lips to God's ears, I think we'd all like to see that. Tank, what about you?

- Man, as a guy, I'm almost damn near tired of saying his name already, but I'm going with Jalen Hurts again. I said a top three quarterback in 2021. He can end up being the number one quarterback in 2021, and I think it's kind of ironic too that all of us are like picking these players that play in the NFC the least.

I don't know if it's because we really like these players that much, or the business is that damn bad. But I think the reason I really liked Hurts is from the get go is that, even though he's not the same player as Lamar Jackson, that Eagles offense kind of reminded me of them, where they have really good tight ends. They can run the ball effectively.

They have some nice, young weapons on the outside. They can use his legs in the running game, and then, obviously, I feel like he's a refined passer. They're going to have an entire offseason to kind of get him up to speed. And like we've already talked about, like I just mentioned before, he gets to play against the Cowboys, the Washington Football Team, and the Giants twice a year. Like, what do you like better than that?

- Well, one more for the NFC East, because I'm going to go. I think Logan Thomas is going to be a top five tight end for fantasy. Matt talked about how this nucleus, like also, let's think about for a second. We're talking about the Washington Football Team, and Terry McLaurin is not being mentioned.

Because the nucleus here offensively is starting to grow and find its footing. Remember that Logan Thomas just transitioned to tight end from quarterback in 2016, and now, he's coming off of a 90 plus target season. He is running an average of 35 routes per week. For reference, that's more than Darren Waller or Mark Andrews.

He is top four in number of receptions on the season so far, top seven in completed air yards. That is a testament to his wild athleticism and knowledge of route concepts. I am excited for where this offense in Washington is going, and maybe you're right, Tank. Maybe it's because the division is garbage, but if it's bringing us the fantasy points, then we're here for it.

- Right?

- Oh, Jared, I got so excited. I forgot about you, my friend. I'm sorry.

- Yeah, no, I don't have an NFC East pick, so I figured I might not even say mine. Because I'm out of the club. No, I'm going James Robinson to come back, man, and be one of the best fantasy running backs. At least a top three.

He was third in rushing yards this year, and he played with so many different quarterbacks as an undrafted free agent. But obviously, the Jaguars knew they had something. They cut Leonard Fournette before the season. Now, add this.

Not only are they going to get the first overall picks, so they probably get Trevor Lawrence to make that you can't load the box up and help him out with him being a three down back. But they're also getting the first pick of every round after that, which means they're going to load up at positions on the line and just help this guy all around. I really think James Robinson in his second year is going to have a much better year than his first year, and I really think he could be the number one fantasy back. I know, don't kill me if you got Derrick Henry. But I do think this kid has a big upside, so I'd like him to be a true fantasy force for the upcoming future.