Is Bode Really Genevieve's Father on 'Fire Country'?

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One of Fire Country Season 2’s main plots has Bode Leone (Max Thieriot) dealing with the knowledge that he may have a daughter. The inmate/firefighter has accepted that he’s a father as gospel, and made developing a relationship with Genevieve (Alix West Lefler) the most important thing in his life. But the show has made it clear that we should be prepared for the paternity test results to show that Bode is not the young girl's father. What happens if he's not?

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Is Bode actually Genevieve’s father?

Genevieve is the daughter of Bode’s high school sweetheart Cara (Sabina Gadecki). Cara gave birth when she was 19, and her parents raised Genevieve as Cara’s sister. After they died, Cara finally told Genevieve the truth. She’s now raising the 12-year-old as her daughter, with the help of her boyfriend, Jake Crawford (Jordan Calloway), who has developed a close relationship with the girl.

Cara said that after she and Bode broke up, she was with one other man one time and they used protection. But she can’t be certain that Bode is Gen’s father until she gets the paternity test results. Cara is wary about moving too fast in introducing Bode into her daughter’s life, but she did tell Gen that Bode might be her father so that she could make her own decision about having a relationship with him.

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This might have been a mistake. Cara has known Bode a long time, and she has seen him get roughed up by cops and heard his explanations and excuses for why trouble always finds him many times before, which was exactly the scenario she found him in when she brought Gen to Three Rock to formally meet Bode in Episode 4. (They previously interacted in Episode 2, when Gen happened to be at a fire site where Bode was working.) Even if the test comes back positive, Cara is not ready to let Bode and his problems into the life of her daughter, who has already experienced so much pain in her young life.

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What will Bode do if he’s not Genevieve’s father?

For his part, Bode made fatherhood his life’s driving force the moment he found out about Genevieve. Fatherhood motivated him to get out of prison in the season premiere, and has inspired him to do good time and get released as quickly as possible. It’s even helped give him a purpose after his breakup with Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila). He would die for Genevieve, and she might not even be his.

And she probably isn’t.

Fire Country seems to be setting Bode up as a father in the future, not the present. He will use the feelings he had when he thought he was a parent as motivation to get through his sentence. He’ll want it for real. It’s a future he can live for.

This means he’ll have to focus on restoring his relationship with Gabriela, whom he just told he still loves while he was in a daze from a firefighting injury. He’ll want her to be the mother of his children. But she’s engaged to Diego the paramedic (Rafael de la Fuente), so he’ll have to exit the picture somehow. We’ll see what the outcome of the ambulance crash cliffhanger that has imperiled Bode, Diego and Cara will be next week. It would be tragic, but convenient for Bode if something bad happened to Diego.

As for Genevieve, she has Uncle Jake, who’s not her biological father but is becoming her father figure. She’ll be all right.

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