Bob's Red Mill Just Released Protein Oats—But Are They Healthy?

I may just keep these stocked in my pantry at all times.

<p>Courtesy of Brand</p>

Courtesy of Brand

Reviewed by Dietitian Jessica Ball, M.S., RD

Oats are one of the best foods you can eat for breakfast. They’re high in fiber, gut-healthy and can be very cost-effective, but Bob’s Red Mill might have just made the popular staple even better.

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Soon, you’ll be spotting the employee-owned company’s new line of Protein Oats sitting on grocery store shelves. The release comes in both organic and non-organic varieties, which claim to offer at least 50% more protein than old-fashioned rolled oats. Fans of the brand have already started commenting and reviewing that these new oats are “a game changer” and they taste just like “traditional oatmeal made from rolled oats.”

But I wanted to see for myself: Are these new high-protein oats really healthy? Do they taste like the old-fashioned kind? Are they worth the price tag? Keep reading to find out.

Here’s the nutrition breakdown for a ⅓ -cup (or 48-gram) serving of the non-organic Protein Oats:

  • 190 calories

  • 4 grams total fat

  • 1 gram saturated fat

  • 32 grams carbohydrates

  • 1 gram total sugar

  • 6 grams fiber

  • 10 grams protein

For a ⅓ -cup or 48-gram serving of the Organic Protein Oats:

  • 190 calories

  • 4 grams total fat

  • 1 gram saturated fat

  • 30 grams carbohydrates

  • 1 gram total sugar

  • 5 grams fiber

  • 9 grams protein

While most high-protein oat products get their additional protein from sources like animal- and/or plant-based powders, these new grains have only one ingredient: whole-grain oat flakes. Bob’s Red Mill promotes that these oats are newly cultivated, easier to harvest and naturally higher in protein (by up to 60%), which gives already-filling oatmeal more staying power to keep you full for longer.

The news of this release was exciting to me, because I eat oatmeal nearly every morning for the exact purpose of staying satisfied until my next meal. Whether it’s plain, dressed with maple, packed with berries or topped with sausage and egg, it’s always in my breakfast bowl. In the past, I’ve added protein powders to my oats but always found that they gave the dish an unpleasant taste and texture.

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Bob’s Red Mill’s Protein Oats exceeded my expectations. The taste is very similar to old-fashioned oats, while a bit less nutty. Plus, it takes on a surprisingly nice, puffy texture that reminds me of brown rice—perfect for savory oat dishes. Most importantly, they are seriously filling! Some days, I find myself going for another half serving of the regular oats, but I doubt I’d be doing the same with these. The only downside is that they take 15 minutes to cook, as opposed to the usual 10 minutes you’d spend cooking old-fashioned rolled oats. But for 50-60% more whole-food protein in my bowl, I’ll happily take that five-minute delay.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a naturally high-protein oatmeal to help you feel more satisfied, Bob’s Red Mill’s Protein Oats might be your new favorite pantry item. The company has cultivated a unique grain of oats that is naturally higher in protein than old-fashioned rolled oats with no additives or protein powders.

While this is an exciting, new and filling food option, it may not be everyone’s preference. Other existing oat varieties like steel-cut, rolled and instant are still healthy and nutritious options that may be a better fit for you.

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