Bobby Bones Expertly Shut Down the "Fake Outrage" Over Beyoncé Crossing Over to Country Music

 Beyoncé and Bobby Bones.
Beyoncé and Bobby Bones.
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Bobby Bones is dumbfounded by people expressing "fake outrage" that Beyoncé is making country music.

Speaking on The Bobby Bones Show recently, the radio presenter began by pointing out that plenty of country artists started out in another genre, including legends Kenny Rogers, Conway Twitty, and Darius Rucker.

Considering all of this, Beyoncé announcing her upcoming country album isn't quite as unimaginable as some of her critics seem to think it is. ICYMI, the superstar announced on Super Bowl Sunday that her album Renaissance Act II would have country influences.

Beyonce in front of a plain backdrop
Beyonce in front of a plain backdrop

"That being said, I don't think Beyoncé is trying to come over and be a full-time country music artist," Bones added.

"And I also think it's a little bit of fake outrage by people, like, 'I can't believe she's doing country.' Listen, I'm not a massive Beyoncé fan—the song's pretty good."

Presumably, the song Bones is talking about is "Texas Hold 'Em"—which has earned Bey the number one spot on the country charts—but the singer has also released a second track from the upcoming record, titled "16 Carriages" (it's stunning, if you have yet to listen to it).

Bones went on to argue that Beyoncé literally has several ties to country music as it is. "And you wanna talk about—you're hypocritical if you're like, 'I like Post Malone coming, but not Beyoncé,'" he said. "Beyoncé's been on the CMAs, Beyoncé did Sugarland."

One of his co-hosts also pointed out, "She's a Texas girl." (Beyoncé was born in Houston.)

The presenter also talked about people who are getting riled up on Twitter, saying, "People are yelling at me, like, 'that's not country.' And that's OK, you can have your definition of what's country and what's not country, but you don't get to be the King Ding-a-Ling of all country music, and what's considered traditional country now at one point was like, 'that's not country.'"

He concluded, "Remember Morgan Wallen wasn't a country artist when he started. He went on The Voice as, like a soul singer—pop singer. But you can also be multiple things at once. All that to say—you ain't that mad about it anyway, people that are mad. You just need something to yell about."

This right here.

Meanwhile, random people on Twitter may be mad about it, but country artists including Lainey Wilson, Maren Morris, and Tanner Adell have welcomed Beyoncé into the genre with open arms, so there you go!