Bobby Berk Reveals Shocking Details About His Past in New Book

Grab the tissues!

Bobby Berk has become a staple in pop culture thanks to his role as the Design Expert on the Emmy-winning reality show Queer Eye.

By transforming so many lives on and off camera, Berk is now offering his top tips in his new book Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind.

The book isn't just meant for the coffee table — Berk not only showcases incredible decor, but he also opens up on his past and writes about his life experiences that tie into the design influences he uses today.

"Beautiful design books can inspire, but more often than not, they can actually make you feel like your space is inferior. I didn't want to do a book like that. I wanted to do a book that would actually help people," Berk tells Out.

With this being Berk's first book, the reality star offers plenty of thoughtful tips that can not only improve the reader's living space — but also their mental health.

"You have the power within you already to make your space perfect for you, because your space is all about the things that you love — not what some designer tells you you should love."

The book also comes at a pivotal time as Queer Eye just wrapped its seventh season earlier this year. Throughout the years, Berk has become more open and honest about his journey leading up to his success.

"When you share stories about yourself and the things that you've learned in life personally, you really help people reflect on the things in their life. You're able to relate and you're really able to apply it to your own life."

Fans will be able to relate to Berk more than ever with every page turned in his new book.

The star shares quite a few personal stories, including his battles with sexuality and homelessness in New York City, to help him become the person he is today.

"One of the first stories I talk about in the book is a time when I was five or six years old. My mom had decorated my room with all red. It was all fire engine red. That didn't make me feel good and it didn't make feel relaxed. So, I saved up all my birthday checks and bought a blue bedspread. Blue made me feel good. That was a personal moment where I really understood the importance of the things you surround yourself with."

Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind is available everywhere now. To see the full interview with Bobby Berk, check out the video below.