Bob Ross Approves Of These Secret Santa Gifts

As Christmas and the holiday season nears, offices around the country will put the names of employees who work there in a hat, pass them around, and start to play Secret Santa. But what are the best Secret Santa gifts for every type of person in your office? After all, there’s the one who’s always complaining about the thermostat, the one who obsessively eats hot sauce, the one who drinks iced coffee all year round, the green thumb whose desk is covered with vines, succulents, and more, and the one who needs to plan their day a little better. We’ve listed 11 of the best Secret Santa gifts for every type of coworker in your office, and almost all of them are $30 or less.

Homesick Scented Candle

For the transplant in your office.

Buy Now $29.49

Homesick is a candle brand that pours candles that smell like every single state. Texas, for example, has scents of dark leather, fresh pine, and lemon slices. Washington D.C., known for its cherry blossom trees, is scented as such. The state of Oregon smells like maple, pears, roasted almonds and fir needles. Hawaii is pineapple, coconut, seashore breeze, and sugar cane scented. It’s the perfect type of gift to get the coworker who you don’t really know that well — while also making it seem like you know them pretty well.


Like Jason Momoa, we loathe single-use plastics, and these straws are a great solution to a serious problem.

Buy Now $24.95

This collapsible straw comes with its own cleaning brush. With it, you have an air-tight straw for your hot, cold, or even lukewarm drinks. And best of all, it’s one less piece of plastic in a landfill.

YETI Rambler

For the caffeinated employee.

Buy Now $64.97

YETI is one of the most popular brands for coolers, insulated mugs and cups, and dog bowls, and there’s no reason to question why: they are seriously well-made. This cute portable mug with an insulated lid will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. Because of the lid, it’s great for transport, but the lid is removable and designed to leave no sweat rings for those who want to drink at home or at their desk exclusively. Plus, they’re pretty sleek.

Bentgo Classic Stackable Lunch Box

Raise anyone's lunch game with this beauty.

Buy Now $14.59

For some people, the extent of their weekly budgeting begins and ends with bringing lunch to work every day. For that type of coworker, a bento box — and in particular a BentGo box, with two stackable containers, a sealing strap, plastic silverware, and compartments inside the containers themselves — is the way to go. Breakfast, lunch and snacks can all be stored away in a chic and affordable BPA-free bento box.

Motivational Water Bottle

For the coworker who is always complaining about being dehydrated.


That coworker who is always complaining about how they never drink enough water needs this water bottle, which comes with conveniently marked time stamps on the side of the water bottle to remind the bottle beholder to drink a certain amount of water by the time stamps on the bottle itself. At the end of the workday, someone who owns this bottle will have drank at least a half gallon of water, if not more, ensuring even the most dehydrated coworkers get their water intake in.

Portable Cool Mist Humidifier

For the office that's dry and smelly.

Buy Now $20.99

When winter rolls around, offices crank their heat up and skin dries up, dries out, and crackles. A desk humidifier is the perfect gift for the skin-conscious coworker whose sinuses and hands are suffering under the tyranny of the indoor heating system. Plus, it can hold 600 milliliters of water and shuts off automatically when it’s done.

Moleskine Classic 12 Month 2020 Weekly Planner

A good planner goes a long way.

Buy Now $21.10

Moleskines are beloved journals for a reason, and the 2020 weekly planner, in which one page is dedicated to all of the days of the week and another is a free-lined page for any notes someone needs to take about their week in general, is a complete classic. Perfect for the coworker who either needs to figure out how to budget their time better or the coworker who is perhaps very anal about budgeting their time.

Chia Pet Bob Ross

For the green thumb in your office who also loves a good laugh.

Buy Now $15.97

First of all, Chia Pets rule. Second of all, the Chia Pet Bob Ross edition is absolutely the most chill version of the Chia Pet. Get this for the green thumb of a coworker or the one who is weird and loves watching Bob Ross. (Honestly, who doesn’t?)

Wearable Blanket Hoodie

Like the Snuggie, but classier.

Buy Now $34.99

The Snuggie peaked in fame in the 2010’s when it hit the made-for-tv advertising circuit, and become much fodder for memes and jokes about blankets with sleeves, but the Snuggie itself didn’t do anything wrong. And this massive wearable blanket hoodie is like the snuggie, but way more office appropriate in the fact that it’s not a massive lounging blanket and is more of the type of sweatshirt a coworker can leave at their desk overnight. For that coworker who is always complaining about the temperature in the office, this is a thoughtful gift, given that they can keep their arms sleeved and warm while they work on their computer and type away while feeling the warm comfort of a blanket-like embrace.

Truffle Hot Sauce

Because every office has a foodie.

Buy Now $30.00

For the true foodie in the office — or just that one coworker who love some mustard on absolutely everything — this thoughtful gift elevates a common day condiment and makes every meal a little bit spicier and a little bit fancier.

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