This board-certified dermatologist has taken his training and knowledge from the office onto social media

Dr. Angelo Landriscina, known on social media as DermAngelo (@dermangelo), is a board-certified dermatologist and digital content creator who uses his signature blend of humor and medical expertise to help his patients and followers develop healthier skincare routines. Whether he’s in the office or posting online, Dr. Landriscina’s unique approach to skincare is expanding the horizons for how doctors can interact with their patients.

Dr. Landriscina, who grew up in a working class neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, claims that he “always wanted to be a dermatologist, but never wanted to become a doctor.” In his teenage years, he suffered from bad acne, but from the help of his own dermatologist, he was able to achieve clear skin.

“Having had severe acne when I was younger has really helped me empathize and see the psychological impact of skin conditions in my patients,” Dr. Landriscina tells In The Know. Dr. Landriscina’s skin condition helped him gain perspective on the impact that skin conditions can have on someone’s mental health. “It truly is more than just skin deep,” he says with a wink.

Dr. Landriscina says he first got into dermatology to “help people,” but now, through his social media presence, he’s “been able to reach more people than I would just seeing patients.” Dr. Landriscina first started posting in 2019, after noticing a problem concerning the way medical information is portrayed online.

“Research has shown that a lot of the information is actually low quality when it comes to dermatologic conditions and their treatments,” he says. “So I said, ‘Hey, I have the training and the knowledge—why don’t I create a resource online where people could learn more about their skin health and skin conditions?’”

Dr. Landriscina covers a wide range of topics in his content. “Anything having to do with skin, hair, nails, skincare trends [or] cosmetic procedures—especially new trending skincare practices or products and breaking down the science behind them and whether or not they are really sound,” shares the doctor and content creator.

While his content is informative, Dr. Landriscina makes it a point to dilute the medical terminology with a solid dose of humor. “I feel like you really need to meet people where they’re at,” he tells In The Know. “And on social media, that’s humor, meme culture, [and] all of that. It’s an authentic way to also show who I am in a way that I don’t always get to while I’m at work.”

Many of Dr. Landriscina’s followers become his patients, and he jokes that many of them are surprised when they go into the office and realize that “it’s a real doctor’s appointment.” Dr. Landriscina, who is currently practicing at Ever/Body Cosmetic Dermatology in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, says that he tries to “bring out the best in every single client,” and that he isn’t here to “give people Instagram face.”

Looking forward, Dr. Landriscina wants to continue to expand his outreach, and hopes that his online presence can help encourage people, specifically those who are dealing with skin conditions, to seek medical advice. “If you are suffering from a skin condition, you can benefit from seeing a dermatologist even once,” he says. “Don’t just suffer with your skin condition or try to fix it yourself—actually look at it for what it is, which is a medical condition, and get help.”

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