The Blush Hack Experts Swear By For A Radiant Glow Over 40


Getting your glow on can feel like a real feat sometimes — like when it’s seven in the morning and you’ve only slept a few hours and have 20 minutes to get ready for the day. A few makeup tricks of the trade can work wonders and knowing which cosmetics are worth the effort and which you can forego can save you serious time and money. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are great and all, but if you want to appear fresh-faced and radiant, blush is your best friend. Here are a few blush hacks that experts swear by for a radiant glow over 40. 

Improve Your Base

Before you apply blush to a bare fact, spending a little time prepping your skin can make a world of difference. “A diligent primer will prepare your skin while enhancing texture and tone over time,” said Dr. Anna Chacon, a dermatologist and writer at MyPsorasisTeam.  “Blend one pump of foundation and one drop of Miracle Glow Pro Universal Highlighter to create the lightest, most luminous base on the back of your hand. Despite the temptation to cover up every apparent flaw with concealer, most people aren’t bothered by the spot or discoloration you’ve been fixated on. Therefore, simply dab concealer where you truly feel you need it, such as beneath your eyes or on flushed cheeks, as opposed to covering your entire face with it.”

After you’ve blended your makeup well, you’re ready for the step that will bring life and color to your skin: applying blush. 

Use Liquid, Cream & Gel Blush


“We usually advise using liquid, cream, and gel formulations of blush wherever possible,” Dr. Chacon said. “It may be noticeable that you are wearing a blush since powder blushes can settle into pores, fine wrinkles, and dry skin. An attractive flush of color is produced by a liquid or gel blush that applies like a second skin and is ideal for older or drier skin types.”

Additionally, liquid and cream blushes are significantly simpler to mix, giving your cheek color a flawless finish, Dr. Chacon added. “Any blush you pick will seem more natural if it complements your skin tone well.”

Apply Blush Strategically To Enhance Your Features 

Maybe you’ve been hearing for years that you should apply blush to the “apples” of your cheeks. If you’ve never found that advice helpful, Dr. Chacon offers a way to apply blush strategically so that it enhances your facial features. “By starting by your ear and ending at a location below the outer corner of your eye, apply blush to the outer corner of your cheekbone,” Dr. Chacon said. And the secret few know: “In order to balance the breadth of your forehead with the width of your chin, add a hint of color near your temples, toward the center of your forehead.”

So when you’re pressed for time and still want to look your freshest best, reach for a liquid, cream, or gel blush that complements your skin tone and take a few minutes to make your complexion and features pop.