Blue Yonder Acquires German Software Company Flexis

Blue Yonder has been wheeling and dealing in the transportation and manufacturing sectors.

The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company announced Thursday it had acquired German software provider Flexis AG.

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Flexis focuses on the optimization of production in manufacturing and on planning and execution in the automotive and industrial sectors. Its solutions include production planning, order slotting and sequencing, vehicle routing and scheduling and more. Blue Yonder has an interest in being an end-to-end supply chain platform for its clients, and the addition of Flexis’ capabilities could bring it one step closer.

Duncan Angove, CEO of Blue Yonder, said the gain made strong sense for the third-party provider’s business at large.

“[Flexis’] vision and offerings will be a remarkable addition to the Blue Yonder portfolio, unlocking new opportunities and adding value through the full cycle of planning and execution, including advanced planning and scheduling…sales and operations planning, transportation planning, and scheduling. These capabilities allow customers to dynamically manage numerous constraints at both a strategic and tactical end-to-end level within their unique process,” he said in a release.

As artificial intelligence increases demand for personalization across all sectors, the purchase will enable the company’s clients to have a greater degree of flexibility and customization in their manufacturing processes.

Flexis’ technology enables manufacturers to optimize production dates in line with data on inventory availability, material constraints and transportation schedules. With inventory issues running rampant and geopolitical issues impacting shipping procedures, that could help manufacturers adjust timelines and protocols when facing delays or disruptions.

Philipp Beisswenger, Flexis’ CEO, noted that blending the two companies’ technologies will come together to provide a better experience—both to Blue Yonder’s clients and to those clients’ end customers.

“Our combined technologies will deliver tremendous value to customers eager to enhance their customer experience, from individual e-commerce-based order placement, all the way back through the configure to order production process to long-range parts and materials planning,” Beisswenger said in a statement.

The acquisition comes at a time when transportation and logistics (T&L) companies may have a need for an increase in automation for fleets and route planning. New data from Here Technologies shows that just 50 percent of global T&L companies have incorporated basic data analytics into their operations.

For those in the industry looking toward automation and fleet management, Blue Yonder’s acquisition could prove valuable; the company has said acquiring Flexis will help it to hone its offerings for automotive and industrial customers.

The acquisition comes not long after Blue Yonder acquired Doddle, which focuses on technology for first- and last-mile logistics, in November 2023. This acquisition comes as the latest in a slew of acquisitions throughout the supply chain and logistics industries.

Blue Yonder did not disclose how much it paid for the acquisition, nor did it detail its plans on whether it would absorb Flexis’ employees.