Blue Ivy Plays With Beyoncé’s Makeup — And It’s Adorable


Working a major look here, Blue! (Photo: Instagram/Beyonce)

Remember when you were 4 and you loved digging into your mom’s makeup bag and playing Pretty Pretty Princess? Or maybe you were an actress in the play of your dreams? But your mom wasn’t Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy might have a little more to work with.

Taking a look at B’s recent Instagram photo of Blue, you might think she is even a huge source of festival makeup inspiration with those cute face gems. And look at that makeup bag next to her — the lip colors range from nudes to pinks to bright reds. How many ladies out there have a collection like that?

Moving on to the second bag, filled with what looks like eyeliners or eye makeup brushes, we can see why Blue’s eye makeup is so bold.


Beyoncé posted this photo on Instagram a few months ago. Blue Ivy’s love of face gems is the cutest thing on the Internet. (Photo: Instagram/Beyonce)

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Beyoncé said, “My mother has instilled confidence in my sister and me, and taught us to always be grateful.” It appears Beyoncé is doing a great job of passing that wisdom and confidence on to her daughter.


Blue, we see you with that flower crown! (Photo: Instagram/Beyonce)