Blue Bell Just Released a New Flavor We Can’t Wait to Try

Hint: it's the flavor of your childhood.

<p>Blue Bell/Allrecipes</p>

Blue Bell/Allrecipes

There are few things more nostalgic than ordering a soda float at your favorite restaurant or even making one at home with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and a can of your favorite pop. But what if we told you that you didn’t have to make a soda float anymore and could find one in the freezer aisle instead?

Sure, it sounds slightly unusual, but it’s actually a real thing—just maybe not in the way you’re expecting. It’s not a frozen malt glass filled with ice cream and frothy soda, instead, it’s Blue Bell’s newest flavor: Dr. Pepper Float.

<p>Blue Bell</p>

Blue Bell

The ice cream, developed in partnership with Dr. Pepper, is everything you know and love about a traditional float rolled into one. It combines Blue Bell’s fan-favorite vanilla ice cream with swirls of Dr. Pepper sorbet that will taste like the creamy soda-custard mixture that you can't resist in an ice cream float.

Now you won’t have to crack open a can of your precious Dr. Pepper to make an ice cream float—though we wouldn’t blame you if you used Blue Bell’s Dr. Pepper Float ice cream as a base in your next float (talk about a Dr. Pepper flavor explosion).

The new flavor will be available in two sizes—pint and half-gallon—and is already rolling out at retailers. Sadly, there’s one small catch: Blue Bell is only available at retailers in 23 states. However, with that being said, Blue Bell will ship its ice cream anywhere in the U.S.—so long as you buy four half-gallons of ice cream (and Dr. Pepper Float is one of those half-gallon options).

No matter how you get your hands on Blue Bell’s new Dr. Pepper Float, you’ll have plenty of time to restock your freezers (maybe even a few times) because the flavor will be available from now until 2024. Think of how many Dr. Pepper floats you can enjoy until then!