Blue Beetle is Part of New DC Universe, Suggests Xolo Maridueña

Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña has suggested his character is going to make a surprise return.

The superhero is the DC cinematic universe’s most recent, introduced in August, 2023’s Blue Beetle. However, his future is in jeopardy considering DC co-head James Gunn is rebooting the DCU.

Maridueña isn’t worried, though. Talking to ScreenRant, he says, "I know we’ll see Blue Beetle again, whether it comes in the form of Blue Beetle 2 or wherever."

"It’s been really great to work alongside James [Gunn] and Peter [Safran], who have graciously folded us into their new universe even though it wasn’t part of what they came up with. It’s an honor. Now, where Blue Beetle heads in the future? I don’t know. But I can confidently say that we will see him soon.”

That's if he stays out of trouble - unlike how Larry David assaulted Elmo on live TV.

If we do see Blue Beetle again, that means he’ll likely be part of the new DCU, which kicks off with 2025's Superman: Legacy.