Blue Apron Is Making Election Day A Paid Day Off For Its Employees

From Delish

The popular ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service Blue Apron may be leading the way for businesses to help their employees vote this election year. The food company is making Election Day a paid (yes, paid!) day off for all of its employees as a way to support those who want to go out and vote.

Blue Apron told Business Insider in a statement that it plans to close all of its facilities on Tuesday, November 3. The decision is part of the company’s diversity and inclusion programming, which also involves helping employees “with voter registration, early voting services, absentee ballots, and transportation to the polls,” according to the site.

Since Election Day isn't considered a national holiday in the United States, there's no mandate that employees get paid time off to vote. The idea is that giving employees paid time off to do so allows them the time they need to do it without having to worry about work or money.

The decision comes during a time when conversations about accessibility to voting and racial inequality are being held across the country. Among protests calling for equality and recent primaries like Georgia's, where lines were long and polling locations were closed, companies are taking a look at their place and practices within the larger system.

To further show support during this time, Blue Apron plans to donate $50,000 to organizations chosen by their employees, the site reports.

We love to see it. Hopefully other companies join Blue Apron in supporting their employees’ right to vote!

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