Blowin' Money Fast: Shaun King's PAC Paid Over $40K For Guard Dog

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Photo:  Dave Kotinsky (Getty Images)
Photo: Dave Kotinsky (Getty Images)

It’s been revealed that Shaun King’s political action committee dished out more than $40k to a California breeder for a guard dog. Anytime I hear the words Shaun King and money I shudder—but that’s neither here nor there. However, the dog was allegedly returned because it had “too much energy,” according to a document that surfaced Monday.

Federal Election Commission Records revealed that the Grassroots Law PAC paid Potrero Performance Dogs several times and one included a $10,000 “contractor deposit” on Dec. 6. Just months later, the PAC paid Potrero again but this time in the amount of $30,650.

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King shared on Facebook that he acquired a mastiff named “Marz” which he called a “new member of the King family,” the Washington Free Beacon reported. The post can no longer be viewed publicly, but it also stated that “Marz” would serve double-duty providing “alertness and protection” and as a pet.

However, Potrero’s Instagram page reportedly revealed the dog at an American Kennel Club competition where the breeder shared “he’s got a little too much energy to be a family dog so he came back.” Apparently, the money that Grassroots Law PAC apparently spent on “Marz” is almost equivalent to the $56,000 in contributions it made to non-federal political candidates in 2021.

King has been called out for years due to his schemes to make money. Samaria Rice, the mother of 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was killed by police in Ohio, said King “robbed” her by having unsanctioned fundraisers in her child’s name. DeRay Mckesson has also accused King of fraud.

The Root has previously reported King’s May clothing franchise debacle, where patrons said they never received the pricey merchandise they ordered from his site. King has not responded to reports about his pooch, but this is definitely on brand for him.