Bloom Health Club: A fresh perspective on Tampa Bay’s dining scene

Bloom Health Club: A fresh perspective on Tampa Bay’s dining scene

TAMPA (BLOOM) – On this week’s episode of Bloom Health Club, we dive into the thriving culinary culture of Tampa Bay with Natalia Levey, a notable restaurateur and founder of Hi Hospitality Group. As an alum of the prestigious Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program by the James Beard Foundation, Natalia brings a wealth of knowledge and unique insights into the dynamics of the local dining scene.

Celebrating Diversity Through Food

Natalia discusses how the diversity within her restaurants is a direct reflection of her team, emphasizing the importance of representation in all aspects of business. She shares how this diversity not only enriches the dining experience but also fosters a more inclusive community.

Lessons from the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

In 2021, Natalia was part of the James Beard Foundation’s Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership program, an experience that profoundly influenced her business strategies and leadership style. She elaborates on the key lessons learned and how they’ve propelled her success in the competitive restaurant industry.

Balancing Health in a Hectic Lifestyle

How does a busy restaurateur maintain health and wellness? Natalia offers practical tips on staying healthy amidst a hectic schedule, including insights from her recent attendance at the In Goop Health event. Her strategies focus on mindfulness, balanced eating, and prioritizing mental health.

Commitment to Brain Health

Natalia also highlights her involvement with the Brain Health Initiative, discussing the critical intersection of diet, lifestyle, and cognitive well-being. She explains how her restaurants incorporate brain-healthy foods into their menus, advocating for better mental health through dietary choices.

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To learn more about Natalia Levey and her pioneering work in the Tampa Bay dining scene, stay tuned to Bloom Health Club. Connect with her through social media or reach out directly to gather further insights into her innovative approaches to cuisine and wellness.

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