Blind, Toothless Cat Bringing Mom a 'Present' Breaks Our Hearts

This is just so touching!

Both the gorgeous cats owned by TikTok user @Moetblindcat are blind. Moet is also missing his teeth. Both cats were rescued and treated after being horribly neglected and having the flu. Now they live a safe and happy life, and their blindness doesn't keep them from showing each other the sweetest affections. 

Just watch beautiful Moet bring mama a toy and feel your heart melt. 

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How precious is that? @Heatherblankenships says, "I am overwhelmed by how precious this baby is." @Judysullivan comments, "The second call out melted my heart!! What precious babies!!! Thank you for loving them as they deserve." It's so true, people who rescue special needs animals are simply angels on earth. @Layla1164536 posts, "Acknowledge her when she cries so she always feels safe. Beautiful baby!" 

These gorgeous cats are just so precious. We are so happy they have the love of each other and a loving home to be safe in. Even without their sight, you can tell these lovely felines are living a rich, fulfilling life. 

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