Blast the Knots Out of Your Muscles With a Smaller, Quieter Theragun Called the Mini

Photo credit: Theragun
Photo credit: Theragun

From Esquire

I am a young man, with the bones of an old man. I don't know why my muscles hurt constantly; maybe it's because I sit like an asshole, hunched over on my couch in sprawling bad posture. Maybe it's because I am constantly trying to pull off home fitness stunts that I by no means should be trying to pull off. I can't go get massages, making the Theragun a close, personal friend of mine. For those who aren't familiar, Theraguns are percussive muscle massagers that pack a hell of a lot more punch and are backed by a lot more science than your USB massage chair extension. And Theragun (newly rebranded as Therabody) just launched a whole new line of its standard massagers, a mini transportable Theragun, and a smart vibrating roller. Plus, an intense new app, because everything has an app these days.

The little beast of the bunch, called the Theragun Mini, is a compact version ideal for your gym bag or travel carry-on, something that the other models don't lend themselves to. It features new quieting tech, so you won't disturb others in your home or wherever you decide to use it. It has some additional toppers, and three power settings ranging up to a whopping 2,400 percussions per minute, which is to say it massages very fast. The only downside here is its lack of integration with the Therabody app, but that’s a small price to pay. Speaking of price, the Mini costs $199, the cheapest percussion gun model yet from the brand.

Another new addition to the Therabody 2020 line is the Wave Roller, a smart foam roller with built-in vibration and app features to get you customized massages. By using the app and the five intensity settings, you can build routines for your warm-ups, cool-downs, and your “wtf did I even do today” days. The roller also supports wireless charging, if the old analog plug is too obtrusive for your smart gym. The Wave Roller retails for $149, which may be expensive for a foam roller, but we swear is reasonable for this much tech.

To round it out, Therabody’s full release extends to three Theraguns named Prime ($299), Elite ($499), and Pro ($599), all with varying levels of functionality, attachment options, and battery life. Each works with the Therabody app, which in turn connects with Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Google Fit to help curate the best body analytics and programs.

Theraguns may be pricey, but they're absolutely killer devices for muscle recovery. While your activity habits may not be as idiotic and reckless as mine, we all have our sore days, and owning one of these to back you up—and massage you in a time when massages are out of the question—is a workout lifesaver.

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