Blake Lively's living room blends pure luxury with raw industrial bones – including this statement centerpiece

 Blake Lively
Blake Lively
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Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively is famed for portraying Serena van der Woodsen – an Upper East Side style icon – who dresses and lives in luxury. A look inside Blake's New York City home, however, proves that the actress is not so dissimilar from her fictional counterpart.

Blake and her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, usually reside in their NY State home, located in leafy Pound Ridge, one hour from the center of Manhattan. However, a photo shared by post-party Blake offers a rare look inside the couple's urban retreat – and it's exactly what we could want from a New York City home.

Featuring a monochromatic palette, leather furnishings, wooden beams, and of course, an exposed brick wall – Blake and Ryan's living room combines luxury with rustic urban bones – creating a uniquely 'New York' space.

'Let's take it back to the "night before" party. A little hint of things to come,' the actress shared after attending a pre-Met Gala dinner. 'Yes, I took these on a self-timer [because] everyone was asleep when I got home at 9. Sorry outfit. You deserved better.'

Despite showing only one corner of her room, Blake's photos teach us a lot about the couple's decorating style that likely continues throughout their home. Notable furnishings include the curved leather sofa (with a steel frame) and the faux fur bench alongside the wall. When it comes to making a statement, however, one accessory – the chandelier – steals all the attention.

Blake's living room lighting is practical, but as Niki Wright, the founder of lights&lamps says – it's so much more than that.

'Lighting can absolutely change the atmosphere in a room,' she says. 'It can highlight other design elements within the space; it can make a room appear bigger if positioned correctly,' Niki says. And, 'with the use of interesting materials or exaggerated scale (as in Blake's case), 'it can make a statement in its own right.'

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

We can't all own a chandelier on such a scale (though we can dream), but we can find alternatives that will hang as their own statement piece. We've found an option  – along with other buys inspired by Blake and Ryan – below.

Jacqueline Large Chandelier

We adore this chandelier that hangs beautifully with its white acrylic tiered beads. It is described as the icing on the cake to a formal, feminine look, and we expect Blake Lively would approve.

Edlyn Leather Chaise Sectional

Much like Blake's curved leather sofa, this piece offers the neat proportions of a modern Italian shape, reimagined with down-wrapped cushions. It has similar minimalist-style legs similar to the one above.

Black Photo Frames

Blake and Ryan have decorated their walls with black and white frames, such as these from Walmart. This 6-pack features 8x10 picture frames – so that you can display your memories just like the couple.

Serena and Ryan's New York home is a city-lover's dream hangout, but what more did we expect from Hollywood's favorite couple?