Blake Lively’s Trainer Just Shared Her Exact Workout Routine and It’s No Joke

blake lively full workout routine
Here’s Blake Lively’s Full Workout RoutineTaylor Hill - Getty Images
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To the outside world, it may seem like Blake Lively is just effortlessly brilliant, both on the silver screen and IRL. But I'm here to let you know that Blake isn't just #blessed. This star has put in some *major* work to get where is today. And that dedication and drive extends to her sweat seshes at the gym, too.

If you've ever seen Blake Lively put her sculpted arms or core on display on a red carpet, you already know what I'm talking about. Of course, she's a natural beauty, but she also has a pretty intense workout routine to thank for that all-over tone.

Blake has been working with her trainer of nearly 13 years, Don Saladino, whose goal is “to combine these worlds of performance physiques,” Saladino told Women’s Health at the Strong New York Fitness and Wellness Expo in November. “She's got to be on the red carpet, she's got to be in movies, she's got to prepare for specific roles.”

Their biggest priority? Resiliency. “I want to make sure her being a mom of four, her being on the road, changing time zones, running businesses—we got to make sure her body doesn't break down,” he says.

Saladino sat down with WH to share all the deets on Blake’s workout routine, which consists of mostly strength training. Ahead, learn exactly how Blake Lively trains—and how to try her workouts yourself.

Workouts start with a mental and physical check-in.

Blake begins each session by talk through how she feels, and how she’s been sleeping. The actress is super dialed in to what her body is saying, Saladino says.

He always shows up to their sessions with a general template in mind for Blake's sweat sesh, but he’ll tweak the program based on her answers. “When her body doesn't feel right or she gets a really bad night's sleep, we might go heavier on the steps or we might do more restorative work,” he says.

Another example: If Blake's back is tight, they might do more glute activation or posterior chain work.

“We recognize how she's feeling day in and day out,” Saladino says. “If it's not the day to put the foot on the gas, it's not the day to put the foot on the gas.”

From there, Blake spends 10 to 15 minutes activating different muscles and getting her heart rate up. Saladino also tries to “make sure that she's feeling ready,” he says.

These days, Blake has been hitting a lot of full-body workouts.

The number of days the actress trains each week can vary. Sometimes it’s four days, and sometimes it’s five or six.

A lot of times, Saladino will split Blake’s workouts into "linear days" where she works on bilateral moves (working one limb), and "lateral days" where she does unilateral movements (working two limbs). The nonlinear movements during unilateral moves require the Gossip Girl alum to really engage her core, he says.

Other times, Saladino splits their workouts into upper and lower body days.

She’s a strength-training queen.

Blake usually starts her sessions with a move where she's carrying a weight, like a farmer’s carry, to engage her muscles and warm up. After that, she does kettlebell deadlifts, split squats, bilateral and unilateral presses, and movements that involve horizontal and reverse pulling.

Overall, though, Saladino focuses on strengthening Blake's core and glutes, as well as her arms. And it's not just for aesthetics—the busy mom of four needs to be strong for practical reasons. "She's picking up kids all day," he says.

Of course, this is all helped by the fact that Blake’s always down to try new moves. “She jumps into it, she attacks it, and she wants to connect with that movement,” Saladino says.

Blake follows a higher rep scheme.

Most of the time, Blake does about 15 to 25 reps for each move, Saladino says. “She just connects with it a little bit better” than doing, say, eight to 10 reps, he adds.

But again, the Betty Buzz founder is open-minded about her circuits. “When she goes, she likes to go,” Saladino says. So, if his program has her doing 15 reps, but she wants to do 20, he won’t stop her. If “she's feeling it, she's in the groove, I'm like, ‘Go for it,’" he adds.

They also structure their workouts with lots of supersets or trisets, (a.k.a. perform two or three exercises back-to-back, respectively). “We like to keep moving,” Saladino explains. “We like to make it a little bit about endurance.”

Cardio happens at the end of the workout.

Saladino sometimes adds in a higher intensity burst of cardio at the end of their workouts, but he's mostly focused on making sure Blake gets her steps in.

Generally, she’ll read scripts or take phone calls while power-walking on the treadmill. There, she aims for a zone one or zone two restorative cardio range, which are low-to-moderate levels of cardio.

“My goal with her is not to break her down,” Saladino says. “We need to make sure that every day she's waking up, she's feeling great, she's feeling energetic, and she can rinse and repeat.”

I truly love to see it—all the work that Blake’s putting in is clearly working! Pssst…if you’re interested in trying Blake’s newest workout from Saladino, you can access it here.

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