Blake Lively is channelling her 12-year-old self with this 90s side ponytail

blake lively side pony tail
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Blake Lively is fully channeling her pre-teen self in her latest Instagram post, serving up lemonade and serving in general. Just recently, she ate up her early 20s Serena Van der Woodsen lewk, but now she's gone further into the archives for this one.

Sweeping her long blonde hair up into a high side ponytail, we feel we may as well be looking at an actual photo of tween Blake at her summer lemonade stand. It's something she's been doing her whole life and still does according to the post, having really got into it in her 20s. If I was strolling down the street and saw Blake Lively running a lemonade stand, I would simply not know what to do with myself.

The moment I saw the playful hairstyle, I was instantly reminded of this viral throwback picture. A woman took to Twitter to share that she'd been looking at photos from a Spice Girls concert when she was just five, only to realise the older girl dressed as Baby Spice that she'd posed for a snap with... was Blake Lively.

Which, naturally, found its way back to Blake, who of course re-shared it. Can you imagine flicking through a family album and realising that stranger is now an A-lister? Iconic.

And, ok, 13-year-old Baby Spice Blake has two bunchies, not one, but come on. Twinning.

If this is a Benjamin Button thing, I guess we can expect a pre-school Blake next.

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