Black Thanksgiving Game Ideas To Get you Through Even The Most Awkward Dinners

Photo:  The Good Brigade (Getty Images)
Photo: The Good Brigade (Getty Images)

Would you like a side of Spades with that sweet potato pie? There’s nothing better after devouring some turkey and stuffing than breaking out a deck of cards for spades or a game of monopoly. It may even beat the after dinner movie night. And these games certainly beat having to hear about Uncle Jim’s latest theory on the moon landing, or the annual debate about who makes the better mac and cheese. So for your gaming pleasure, we’ve included a list of games sure to add some extra fun to your Thanksgiving. Warning: we are not responsible for any arguments started over a game of Uno (play the reverse card at your own peril, folks).

A Classic Game of Spades

Every Black college student, regardless where they matriculated, will tell you there’s no blackety black card game like spades. Nothing redirects the energy in the room like the slam of the cards during a rowdy game. Does everyone at the table know the rules? Well, you better, unless you want your family members to threaten to revoke your Black card.

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Photo:  Isabel Pavia (Getty Images)
Photo: Isabel Pavia (Getty Images)

Uno is another option... if you’re willing take the heat!

Sure, Uno has been known to start a fight or two. (Let me tell you about that time a game of Uno in Miami almost came to blows). But, at least no one can defend Kanye West when they’re busy yelling about that Uno reverse card you just played.

Game of Uno
Game of Uno

Bid Whist is another Option for our Card Game Lovers!

Do you like teaming-up against your family members? Well, sources say Bid Whist is the game for you! This classic card game is sure to help you form new alliances and maybe make some new enemies at the dinner table.

Photo:  Kinga Krzeminska (Getty Images)
Photo: Kinga Krzeminska (Getty Images)

Charades is Guaranteed To Halt The Conversation

Want Uncle Jim to stop ranting about conspiracy theories? Cool, make him mime a bunch of obscure movie references during charades. Do you know what that film from decades before you were born is called? Nope, but it’s still pretty fun to watch someone hop around the room trying to acting it out.

Photo:  monkeybusinessimages (Getty Images)
Photo: monkeybusinessimages (Getty Images)

Black Card Revoked Is A New Addition, But a Great One!

There’s no way to have a Black family Thanksgiving without including some Black owned games. Is Black Card Revoked going to illicit a very annoying argument about Blackness and authenticity, probably. But, we’ll still take our chances with this one over the usual Thanksgiving drama.

Photo:  Thomas Barwick (Getty Images)
Photo: Thomas Barwick (Getty Images)

Monopoly is a No-brainer For Game days!

Monopoly is one of those games that almost everyone can agree on playing. Sure, it’s insanely drawn out, frustrating, and at time feels completely unfair, but we’ve all grown-up under capitalism so it’s just par for the course at this point. Note: do not bring up the capitalism comparisons unless you’re willing to fight for the next few hours. Either way it’s a fun game that’ll likely elicit the good kind of dramatics.

Family playing a board game
Family playing a board game

Kulture Karaoke is Another New Game That Promises Fun

Like we said, Black Thanksgivings deserve some Black founded games from the culture. So we bring you, Kulture Karaoke. Created by an HBCU grad, the game promises to have the whole family singing along to classic Black sounds. That cousin of yours who grew up singing in church is certain to love this game!

Photo:  Patrik Giardino (Getty Images)
Photo: Patrik Giardino (Getty Images)

Don’t Want to Head to The Store, Play Fishbowl!

Fishbowl is the hilarious guessing game that keeps the whole family on their toes. If you love charades, but want to add in a bit more confusion, this is the game for you! Like charades, you don’t need to buy anything, which in our calculation is already a win.

Photo:  Alicia Llop (Getty Images)
Photo: Alicia Llop (Getty Images)

Do you Kids? Candy Land May Be For You

If you’ve got young folks running around, games that require a ton of thinking may not be their speed. Enter candy land! Is it basic, yes. Is it also the perfect game for little kids, and have just enough to keep the adults vaguely interested, also yes!

Black Family Playing Candy Land
Black Family Playing Candy Land

Gin Rummy Sounds Like a Drinking Game, But we Promise Everyone Can Play.

Gin Rummy is a favorite among the older card shark generation, and you know what, they may be onto something. The rules take a while to explain, but that’s honestly a hidden bonus. No one is going to dare talking over the matriarch while she’s busy explaining the rules. And once you actually get started playing everyone will get too distracted to bring-up their worst hot takes.

Photo:  Dimensions (Getty Images)
Photo: Dimensions (Getty Images)

Growing Up Black Memes is A Game For The Youth

Tired of getting beat by your grandma? Well, checkout Growing Up Black Memes. This Black-owned game is sure to bring-up some very funny memories from the internet, and for once the young folks have an edge. All you have to do is match funny phrases to their hilarious meme counterparts. The game is rated 17+ so maybe save this for the older cousins hangout after dinner.

Photo:  SolStock (Getty Images)
Photo: SolStock (Getty Images)

Verified is Another Black Owned Game For The Young Folks

Verified is a Black-owned game that came out of creator Davon’s work with incarcerated youth, who were interested in a game that spoke to their generation. The game requires some knowledge of big social media events over the last few years. And there are also drinking game elements included. So we once again recommend saving this game for the post-dinner drinks with your cousins.

Photo:  Klaus Vedfelt (Getty Images)
Photo: Klaus Vedfelt (Getty Images)

No Game List Would be Complete Without Risk.

We could not make a list of games designed to distract from awkward family scenarios without including the game of Risk. Have I witnessed this game nearly end years-long relationships, 100 percent. But, it is a classic game for a reason. The twists and turns and alliances forged and destroyed make this a game for the ages. And why argue about modern day issues when you can yell about old-school world domination?

Photo:  Visual Art Agency (Getty Images)
Photo: Visual Art Agency (Getty Images)

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