Black Man Who Spoke Up at Critical Race Theory Workshop Asked To Be Removed

Photo:  Maskot (Getty Images)
Photo: Maskot (Getty Images)

It seems that the national conversation surrounding critical race theory won’t end until it’s banned from every school, or they silence everyone that thinks to bring it up.

On Wednesday, the Temecula Valley Unified School District organized a critical race theory workshop in California. A Black man who shared his thoughts with the district’s board was asked to be removed even though a white woman told him he should “leave the country.”

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The workshop was organized by Temecula Valley Unified School District Trustee Jen Wiersma, who recently voiced her thoughts on CRT, saying that the “curriculum” makes white people feel guilty about their ancestry and that Black people should be the ones to blame for their enslavement in actuality.

Don’t believe me? Watch the clip below:

The words coming out of her mouth are so crazy they don’t even sound real.

This event was held just months after the governing board of the school district voted to ban the teaching of CRT in their schools, which led to frustration and anger from students, teachers and parents alike, according to Newsweek.

This ban was made despite the fact that teachers in the district have firmly claimed that CRT is not even taught in their schools.

Even though CRT aims to look at how racism has molded every part of American society such as public policy and institutions such as the justice system, conservative politicians have used the phrase to ban the teaching of any history that involves racism or sexism.

Black man removed from workshop

Deon, a Black man who attended the workshop, decided to speak up during the event, to share his dismay with the board’s decision to ban CRT, when it’s not even taught in their classrooms.

He told the panel, “It is widely recognized by the vast majority of experts that bringing CRT into the K to 12 classrooms is just as outlandish as bringing calculus to the first-grade classroom.”

He continued, “It is asinine to ban CRT when it isn’t even taught in any K through 12 classrooms in the United States of America. Your continued blatant, willful ignorance of the Black experience in this country is not only shameful but also detrimental to the education and growth of our children.”

A full video of Deon’s comments was shared in a video posted on Twitter.

Shortly after sharing his thoughts, he later voiced that a white woman told him to “leave the country” after he shared his thoughts.

Instead of asking the woman to leave, Joseph Komrosky, the president of the school board, gave him a warning.

When Deon shouted, “She told me to get out of the country. My family has been here since August 16, 1619,” Komrosky asked that he be escorted from the building, which led to loud boos from the audience, with many calling for the white woman to be removed instead.

Here’s the video of the incident unfolding:

At this point, what is this man supposed to do? He voiced his opinion on the school district’s decision to ban CRT, and then when he voiced that a woman was being disrespectful to him, he’s the one that’s being removed. It doesn’t make sense to me.

It seems that the people making the decision to ban CRT don’t even want to hear an argument against it. All they care about is how it affects white students who feel this sense of guilt and nobody else.

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