Black Friday cat tower deals 2023 — grab an early bargain

 Cat laying on a cat tree with Black Friday cat tower deals graphic.
Cat laying on a cat tree with Black Friday cat tower deals graphic.

This year’s impressive Black Friday cat tower deals are already rolling in thick and fast — and we've not even reached the main event yet! So if you've been desperate to get your hands on one of these all-in-one activity centres for your feline friend, there's never been a better time to do it.

The best cat trees are tower-like structures built to sit in your house and entertain your kitten or cat. Most come with features such as perches, scratching posts, condos, hammocks, and even toys, so they're brilliant when it comes to ensuring your kitty gets all the mental and physical stimulation they need to thrive.

Plus, with these little beauties typically containing multiple cat toys and accessories, purchasing one will help cut down on clutter around your home. So far, we're already seeing savings of up to 60% and there's some seriously sleek designs on offer, meaning you won't have to opt for substance over style.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at this years best Black Friday cat tower deals...

Black Friday cat tower deals

Pefilos 60-inch Cat Tree for Large Cats
Was $150.00, now $72.99 at Walmart
Super cozy and plush, this large cat tree comes with nine sturdy scratching posts as well as a soft basket, perches, and roomy condo.
View Deal

PAWZ Road 5-Level Cactus Floor-To-Ceiling Cat Tree
Was $199.99, now $92.99 at Walmart 

You can adjust the height of this cat tree to suit your space. It has five tiers, with plenty of space for scratching, sleeping, climbing and clawing, while not taking up too much valuable floor space. Get this now while it’s less than half price.View Deal

PAWZ Road 29.5-inch Cat Tree
Was $85.99, now $34.99 at Walmart
If you're after a small cat tree at an even smaller price, this little beauty is going to be hard to pass up. This all-in-one activity centre has scratching posts, toys, a hammock, condo cave and perch.View Deal

Feandrea WoodyWonders Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure
Was $149.99, now $104.39 at Amazon

This smart cat tower blends easily into your home and has an enclosed space for a litter box, which is a real bonus. Current saving of 30% at Amazon.View Deal

Go Pet Club 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo
Was $104.55, now $89.99 at Walmart

This towering cat tree gives your furry friend plenty of space to hang out. It has two hanging toys and two sets of ladders to play with, plus 10 posts covered in natural sisal rope to fulfill the natural scratching instincts. There are multiple levels for relaxation, privacy and the chance for a great view. View Deal

Duneasypet Modern 27.5in Cat Tree
Was $179.99, now $143.99 at Amazon

Made from natural pear wood branches that give a rustic and natural look that will blend well with most decor styles. Currently 20% off at Amazon.View Deal

Go Pet Club Brown 67in Cat Tree Condo with Dangling Toys
Was $129.36, now $92.38 at Walmart

This cat tower has fun dangling toys included as part of the package, and it’s currently on sale at a great price.View Deal

Taoqimiao 44.5in Cat Tree
Was $54.99, now $43.99 at Amazon

Designed to prevent tipping, this cat tower has seven scratching posts and a hanging ball toy. Currently with 20% off.View Deal


Is a cat tower good for cats?

While your cat can of course survive without a cat tower, there's no denying that having one comes with many benefits for your cat.

Firstly, our feline friends love to be up high and survey the world around them. Because cats are both predators and prey, high vantage points provide them with a safe space to keep tabs on any approaching threats.

While we're on the subject of safe spaces, cat trees are really brilliant if you have a busy home that includes other pets or perhaps small children as they provide a place to hide and rest. And they can also be a great place to escape to when the vacuum cleaner comes out!

Secondly, if your cat is an indoor kitty with no access to the outdoors, cat towers also meet their needs for climbing and scratching. So if you're not keen on doing any cat nail clipping yourself, a decent cat tree with several solid scratching posts will let your feline friend sharpen their claws without any assistance from you.

Finally, cat towers offer wonderful mental stimulation thanks to the dangling toys and their location - if you place them by a window, for example, your kitty can watch what's going on in the outside world. But any place in the house will provide them with that all important enrichment.

How many cat towers should I get?

Fear not — you don't have to buy more than one cat tower as long as the one you choose has a hideaway for each cat. That means that if you have two cats, you'll need a cat tower that has at least one condo (an enclosed cave-like space) and one perch.

If you have a lot of cats in your home, then even the biggest cat tower available on the market may not suffice. In that case, it's best to opt for a second one to give your feline friend's plenty of space to spread out.

How can I get my cat to go on the cat tower?

Now, a lot of cats (especially breeds that love to climb) will take to their new cat tower straight away. But what do you do if your feline friend seems hesitant to give their new gift a whirl?

Well, the first thing you want to do is make sure you've got the cat tower in a good location. Aim for a spot in the house that your cat loves to frequent as this will encourage them to use it.

Next, make the cat tower a place that your feline friend receives a lot of affection. Petting your kitty when they're on their tower and giving them lots of praise will encourage them to keep using it.

You can also make the cat tower more interesting by laying down a trail of tasty treats that lead all the way to the top and shifting your play sessions onto the cat tower is another great way to get your feline friend more comfortable with their new climbing area.

Investing in a cat tower for your single kitty or feline family is well worth considering as they bring together all of the elements your fur baby needs to stay happy, healthy, relaxed and entertained.

All of the products in this Black Friday roundup are made from quality materials that are super durable and will hold up to plenty of rough and tumble. If you're looking to combine a cat bed and scratching post with a toy and perch to cut down on the amount of pet kit you have around the home, then with savings of up to 60%, there's never been a better time to do so.