These Black Female Comedians Will Have You Cry-Laughing

Ashley Oken
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Photo credit: Sanchi Oberoi
Photo credit: Sanchi Oberoi

From Cosmopolitan

The current movement taking place domestically and globally is unlike anything many generations have seen in their lifetimes. That also goes for the powerful moment that Black women are having right now: They’re running for Congress in record numbers and, in the case of Kamala Harris, for VP of the entire country. They’re writing cinematic stories about their lived experiences and going at the power imbalance that has long plagued the film industry. Yess! We love to see it! And also, in some v important cases, they're making us laugh so hard we simply cannot stop. And that right there is the thing I'm going to focus on today, because who couldn't use a little laughter (or like, a lot) right about now? Exactly.

Whether you’re into political humor, commentary on romance, or sketch comedy, there’s something for everyone on this list of Black female comedians you should’ve streamed clips from like, yesterday. Get on it!

Nicole Byer

The author, stand-up comedian, and actress is not exactly known for family-friendly humor, and we love her for it. She openly discusses body image, sex and Black culture, brilliantly weaving the topics together. She also seems to be doing a million things at any given time, from recording one of her many podcasts to hosting Nailed It! on Netflix to writing a book.

Wanda Sykes

It’s difficult to curate a list of hilarious Black female comedians without mentioning Wanda Sykes. At 56, Sykes continues to reign as one of the most popular touring comedians today. A triple threat in the comedy scene, Sykes is an actress, comedian, and writer who has appeared in sitcoms and films in addition to her long-standing stand-up comedy career. To hear her poignant yet funny thoughts on The Bachelor, the current administration, and racism, you can stream her Netflix special Not Normal.

Gina Yashere

As a British comedian, Yashere brings an outsider’s perspective along with a critical eye when providing social commentary on U.S. politics. Her 2013 Netflix stand up special, Gina Yashere: Laughing to America, discusses the “apprentice guy” (y'know, the President) and humorously tells the audience how much of a joke he was thought to be back then. Her other specials are 2008’s “Skinny Bitch” and her set in the comedy series The Stand-ups. She’s also the co-creator and executive producer of the CBS series Bob Hearts Abishola.

Maya Rudolph

The daughter of legendary singer Minnie Riperton, Maya Rudolph has managed to make a career outside of the shadow of her mom as a hilarious part of the SNL cast. Her sketch comedy gets to the heart of political matters while making you tear up while laughing. Also important: Her amazing portrayal of Kamala Harris on SNL.

Tiffany Haddish

Thanks to her breakout role in Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish has become a household name. Her Netflix special Black Mitzvah, dropped on her 40th birthday, describes her long road to womanhood and her discovery of her Jewish heritage along with singing and dancing that’s bound to make you LOL.

Jasmine Luv

Named by VH1 as a top Black female comedian in the online humor space, Jasmine Luv is known for her viral, female-driven sketch comedy videos. She’s a powerful social media influencer we can only expect to see more great stuff from.


Called the “Diva of Comedy,” Sommore provides frank and funny commentary on the battle for equality between the sexes, sex, and money. She first gained fame (and our laughter) as part of the Queens of Comedy tour and appeared in the films Soul Plane and Friday After Next. Her 2015 Netflix special The Reign Continues serves as a great way to brush up on her comedic style.

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