Black in the Day Music Videos And Their Dances Were Iconic For The Culture

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Black in the Day is an ongoing series about Black nostalgia that covers very specific topics. This week it’s all about the music videos and dances that kept you on your feet all throughout your childhood and probably still to this day.

What was the one thing that any music video had to have for you to call it great? Were you always looking for a plot when you first watched a music video? Did you try and spot how many celebrities appeared in one video? Or were you the one that could care less about the story and was more intrigued by the costumes?

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Whatever qualified as what made a great music video to you, we can all agree that certain artists like Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes always delivered when it came to the visuals for their hit songs.

Besides music video GOATS like Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes, we can’t forget to mention another music video genius, Michael Jackson, who always gave the fans a storyline, visuals, and cameos plus one very important element: his dance moves.

Dancing is such a big part of music videos and music in general that without it it wouldn’t make sense. Whether it was the chicken noodle soup, the cabbage patch, the running man, or the tootsie roll, you probably learned them from a music video and they were probably always on your mind whenever it was time to hit the dance floor. On top of the obligatory electric slide that was done at every single Black function whether it be a barbecue or even wedding (that scene at the end of the movie The Best Man is exactly how it goes down at any event.)

So check out this video from our Black in the Day series of people telling us about some of their favorite music videos and you might even see a couple of familiar dance moves to go along with them.