Black Bear Crashes Family's Picnic and Mom's Reaction Is On-Point


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In a video posted September 26, Silvia Macias, from Ciudad de Mexico was on vacation with her son Santiago when they decided to have a picnic with a family friend at Chipinque, a park in San Pedro Garza Garcias.  Macias showed the absolute highest level of calm restraint when a hungry black bear decided to hop up on the picnic table and sample their meal. Even though black bears are less dangerous and predatory than other types of bears (like grizzly bears!) they are still wild animals and can be very aggressive.

Watch the following clip to see the mama's reaction. She is for sure our hero of the day!

The video posted by @Tejpartapk, shows the hungry young bear just start chowing down on the family's lunch like it was set out just for him. The issue is that bears that become accustomed to humans and their food sources can lose their natural fear of people, making them more unpredictable and potentially dangerous. This bear is obviously very hungry and has tasted people food before. Macias explained to PetHelpful that she is a midwife and a yoga instructor, which probably explains why she was able to stay so calm in this situation.

Macias embraced her son, covered his face in her shoulder, and held her hand protectively over his ears to comfort him. She's just amazing, and she did everything she could to keep her kid calm in this frightening situation. According to Macias, Santiago hasn't been able to view the incredible video yet because he found the situation too scary.

TikTok users are astounded by this mom's calm bravery and @AA comments, "That bear knew he better just eat the food and leave the other mama bear alone! Way to go!" @Elite adds, "I literally would be able to keep my son still. He would try to pet the bear." @Brandy noticed the other kid on the opposite side of the table who also remained perfectly still and said, "At least the bear thanked your son half way through the meal for the good food lol!" That was the family friend who had accompanied them on the picnic, and he also remained absolutely still.

The most crucial thing to do if you ever find yourself in this situation is remain calm. Don't panic or make sudden movements, as this can startle the bear. The mama in this video couldn't have handled this any better!

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